Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You know your weeds are bad when...

...Birds land on them to take a break.

... You can't find where the dog's bone went.

...You take a step and little animals scatter out from under you.

...Your neighbors send their kids over to spray your weed overflow that is in the front yard.

It is embarrassing and horrifying to admit it... our yard has been taken over by weeds. We are rallying up to have a deforestation day but we are going to need reinforcements. Looks like it's time to pull out the family card. You know, the "I watched your kids so you pull my weeds" and the "I'm your flesh and blood!" card. And probably the "Pizza is on us" card too.
Whatever works.


Monday, March 29, 2010


I am a bookworm- it's true. If I could, I would line my walls with shelves and fill them up with books and books and more books. One day, I would like to have a library in my house... or a large "study" with vintage chairs and lots of light.

*photo Furniture Fashion Magazine

*Photo Daily Decorator

Ahhh... someday!
Anyways, as I was sitting in my front room looking for my current book to read {Inkheart... which by the way is ok so far... a little slow moving and not as exciting as I thought it would be}, I was trying to think of a good gift for my grandma's birthday. Since being a bookworm runs in the family, I came up with the idea of making her a few bookmarks for her books.
This is what I came up with. I first tried sewing some quotes on but...I won't even show you what THAT turned out like. A disaster. Seriously.

So then I decided to paint a little... and stamp a little... dream a little:

Read a little:

I found this awesome stamp but I think I need to use *Ink* and not *Paint* with it... so this kind-of turned out:

And my favorite of all. She's french and a bit more feminine as you can see. "Livre" means "Book" in french:

She's got herself one fancy tassel!

My special thanks to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the modeling. Your magical pages pulled off just the right touch!

I have a lot of bookmark ideas in my head now and I can't wait to try them all out. I was having a hard time finding the right size of stencil letters at Joann's so El Guapo found me my very own stencil cutter and I can't wait to try it out!

And my excitedness over these bookmarks marks me for a nerd :)

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


It was my birthday last week and we had lots of fun with friends.

I woke up to a birthday gift from my sister Liz who lives in Utah...
She got me a new purse which I desperately needed {My cat snuck into my closet and sprayed my pile of purses, ending in the disposal of two of my favorites :/ }
Anyways here it is:

So fun and big enough for everything I tote around with me:

My sister Sarah got me a much needed threadbox, fabric pencil and ruler. Yay:

And my brother Tim got me an armband for my ipod touch! Now I don't have to hold it when I run {or stuff it into my sportsbra...not that I do that... haha} :

I also got a Joann's giftcard, a Sonic giftcard, I-tunes $, and a cute shirt from all of my in-laws! It was fun to get things that I actually really need! :)

El Guapo drove me to Someburros {my favorite Mexican place} for dinner, just the two of us.

But first he gave me my present:

It is perfect! So beautiful and nice but also not too fancy so that I can wear it with anything and everything!

Anyways onto someburros. Note the cave man hair that he refuses to cut:

I wore my new dress that my Mom and Tom got me:

mmm hot sauce! and my shamrock!

Then we went to Red Robin with friends on Friday.
Guacamole Bacon Burger!

Diana & Jennie being cool:

Shauna and Aaron:

Julia and I enjoying ourselves:

It was a fun birthday :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


Now that the secret is out, I can tell you all why I am "stocking up" so much for my bro and his wife- They had TWINS! twin baby girls after having 4 boys in a row! They were born on Thursday morning and are so precious!

They kept it a secret and surprised all of their kids when they came to the hospital! Priceless!!
So in continuing to stock up for my SIL's new baby girls, my mom had an idea to make matching baby blankets. We went shopping, spent like two hours picking out two different fabrics, and I did the sewing... {and just to tell you, anything important, and it takes my mom FOREVER. don't even get me started on cards... not that it's a bad thing :) }

Anyways, here is the final product:

Far from perfect, which is why I folded them {strategically} so you wouldn't see my mistakes.

It was a fun project and now I know how to make those blankets... although I think for the expensive fabric, it's cheaper to buy one... hehe :)

I also ruffled some more onesies. This time, I bought plain white ones and did my own thing.

I did them in stylistic pairs for the twins:

And disclaimer- I know that the sewing isn't great but the messy/shabby look is what I actually was going for.




Ruffle collar:


I had even more fun with these onesies than with the last ones. It makes me want to stock up for when I have a baby...eventually :)

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bad news

So, I've been too busy to blog lately because of some events that have occurred.

Just as he finally got everything done on his {landcruiser}, my hubby ended up totaling it last week.

He was actually very very lucky, even though he was very very stupid and didn't wear his seatbelt!

He was on the freeway, going about 70 when all of a sudden, traffic comes to a complete stop. The lady in front of him slammed on her breaks and he slammed on his but he could see that he was going to hit her. He checked the HOV lane to see if it was clear, saw that it was, and swerved into it to avoid hitting her. Unfortunately, the landcruiser is too old to have anti-lock breaks so his breaks locked and sent him into a skid that sent him headfirst into the concrete barrier.

He was thrown into the passenger seat {luckily not through the window or onto the street to be hit by some oncoming car!... as you can see I'm still very mad that he was stupid and didn't wear his seatbelt...mad and yet grateful that his stupidhead is alive} and hurt his knee and his derriere, but other than that, he was ok.

He didn't even hit anyone! All in all, very lucky, and smart of him to get into the HOV lane. The engine is ruined and the landcruiser won't even start. And due to some other things that we will not talk about, the rest of the week was a complete headache, full of argues with authority and money for the beast. {let's just say I'm definitely going to be checking the mail a bit more thoroughly}


With that being said, I have not had much time for crafting. I've been enjoying my spring break by doing absolutely nothing along with celebrating my birthday! More about that later...

Hope you are all having a great spring break!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inspired by Heritage

Last summer, I bought this bookshelf for really cheap and wanted to re-do it... but I never got around to it.
Finally, over the past few weeks, I decided to tackle it.
I have been spending my few hours of free time to work on it {little by little}


I chose to decoupage it with some old book pages that I had out of a book that was my grandmother's.
Then I stuffed it full of my junk (for now):

I also found these from my grandmother:

Haven't you always wanted to seal one of your letters with wax?! I have! All I need is an awesome seal and I'm all stocked up!

I don't know about you but I LOVE my heritage and finding out new things about my relatives. I have several pieces all over my house that used to be my mother's, grandmother's, and great-grandmother's!

The picture here is my Great Grandma Lois {whom I got my middle name from} and that precious bear is from her.:

I love re-doing furniture and making it new but I also have a strong appreciation for the past!

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