Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whoo are yooouuu?

My sister Liz is having her 4th boy and was trying to think of a cute theme for her baby's room. She knew she liked owls and told me a few of the colors that she liked so I came up with this...

I purposely sewed it on the outside to get the shabby frayed look.

What do you think?

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Wet Polish Wednesday

Did these for my niece Hannah. She calls them "sexy toes". Haha :)

Sexy yeah?

Transformation Thursday

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bath time

Bath time around my house is pretty hilarious. I figured it needed to be documented at least once.

Enjoy :)

Wet Polish Wednesday (Night)

Feeling dotty...

Notice that awesome throw in the background? It belonged to my grandparents. It makes me feel like I'm old and like Christmas all at the same time.

Flannel! Santa! Lights! Oh dear stop me before I start singing carols.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Small Gallery Wall

About a month ago I ordered a canvas for my front room wall. My wall was looking old and frumpy and it needed a little sprucing up.
I had this painting from a while ago.

But I'm really over it right now. {BTW a funny note- notice how yellow the wall is in this picture. My walls get pretty lemony at night. The first night after painting them I cried thinking I had made a big mistake because of how yellow they were. But then, when it was morning again, the walls were much more calm in the morning/daylight and I loved them. Haha.}

Anyways, my canvas came last week and I was able to hang it up with a few other pictures I had set aside for this wall. YAY!

I eventually want to do a family picture on a canvas but due to being a recently pregnant (YES 6 months ago is recent... :) ) nursing mother, I am still feeling a bit frumpy myself. In a few more months I'm going to have a family photo taken.

These small blue frames have mirrors in them but I decided that they looked better with pictures in them for now, so I taped the pictures over the mirrors for a quick fix!

I'm liking this wall much better now, but I'm not sure if it's finished. I may add some more to the sides. Yes?

Now I just need to do all of the other walls in my house! haha :)

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wet Polish Wednesday

So...should I start something like this? I do nails so much that I think I will.

Anyways, did these for my sister last week.

I love giving pedis! :) What do you think?

Monday, August 8, 2011


My dog is an awesome dog. She can be very cuddly, doesn't jump up or bark hardly at all and is the sweetest thing ever. Except... for when someone comes to the door. She goes crazy and growls and barks. Which is actually kind-of nice for when unwanted robbers may come lurking. But not so great when the baby is asleep.

With Harrison finally starting to nap more regularly {kinda}, my door has been frequently knocked upon and my doorbell rung (and I usually never had anyone come to the door prior to baby). Luckily, it has yet to have woken the sleeping baby {NEVER NEVER EVER WAKE THE SLEEPING BABY!} But, I knew it would inevitably happen.

Therefore, I decided to make a sign to put up, that way I can at least try to avoid him being woken up as much as possible.

I thought it was pretty cute and with the way my door handle hangs and the size of the sign, hanging on the doorbell is pretty much the only place to put it.
I figured that someone still has to knock. How else would I know someone was there? But, at least the doorbell wouldn't be rung.


I guess this sign interprets to "PLEASE ring the doorbell THREE times just in case we didn't hear you the first time!!!"

I guess my sign is a little too nice. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Original-Hem Jeans Tutorial in 30 minutes

So if any of you have not noticed by now, I am extremely short. And all of my life, because of my shortness, I have been plagued by pants being too long for me and my short legs.

Now, there are three options in a situation where your pants are too long:

1. Pay to get them hemmed professionally
2. Cuff them (if they aren't too long to look ridiculous)
3. Wear them long until they get all ripped in the back and start trailing long threads of jean pieces behind you as you walk {my personal favorite}

As of today I have found a fourth option:

4. Hem them yourself and look fabulous

My sister in law was nice enough to show me this technique and I am happy to say that it will forever save me from the way-too-long-jeans faux pas!

And now, I am showing it to you!

For starters, you should know that this isn't where you actually sew an original hem yourself. It's kind of a "cheat so no one even notices that you cut and sewed the pants yourself" technique.

And bear with me, this is my first tutorial!

Items needed:

Sewing machine
Thread that matches your jean color {this makes it look the best because some of the sewing is on the outside of the jeans}
Zipper foot {for best results}
Ironing board
Seam ripper {ha ha- for those "oops" moments}
Diet Coke with Vanilla {but of course}

First, you take your way too long jeans {and thanks to my sister for being the model and for letting me hem her jeans}:

Then you cuff them up to where you want them to be. The main choice I had to make is to either make them Heels jeans or Flats jeans length-wise. Sometimes you can get away with something in the middle than can go for both, but in my case, it's one or the other. These are going to be Heels jeans.

Another choice both my sister and I had to make when choosing the length is whether or not to keep the lengths the same on both legs. Both of us had significantly different measurements on each leg {because one leg is apparently longer than the other}. We both decided to keep the lengths the same. But if it really bugs you, you can make one longer to fit your longer leg ;)

Next, you take off the jeans and measure the length that you cuffed up.

Then you need to re-fold the cuff to half of the length you just measured. For example, the original length we measured was 3 1/2 inches. So, when we re-folded the cuff, it measured at 1 3/4 inches.

Then you need to pin it. I measured it once at each seam and once at each middle in between the seams and pinned it.

Now, you sew the pants with a zipper foot {this way you can get right next to the original hem line} all of the way around.

**Be careful not to stretch the material. It will bunch up and then it will look off when you're done. Just let the machine pull it.**
I tried to line up the inside bottom hem as best as I could but it was tricky. Just do your best.

Once you have sewn all the way around, fold the cuff back down and iron it flat.

Now, on the outside of the jean, you need to sew all the way around on the opposite side of where you just sewed. This is where having a matching thread is really important. Ours wasn't exact and while it's not very noticeable, it's even less noticeable with a properly matching thread. {we didn't want to make the trip to Joanns today}

Now, fold the cuff back up. Here is where it can get tricky. If you have an awesome serger like my sister in law, you can cut and serge the left over fabric {or have your serger cut it for you!}. If you don't, you can cut off the extra fabric and zigzag stitch it over the edges like I did. Either way, the most important thing is to be careful while serging and sewing and make sure that you don't sew or serge the fabric back onto the jeans. I knew about this being an issue going into it and it still got me! My solution was to double fold the cuff back so I could make sure that I was only sewing the extra portion together, and not sewing the extra portion back onto the jeans!

Fold it back down and iron again!

I told you it would only take 30 minutes!

The only other thing I noticed with this specific pair of pants is that the wash may be lighter or darker where you sew it together, depending on how high you hem them. So be careful if the bottoms are darker or lighter, it will make it more obvious.

Can you tell that it's cut? I can't! :)

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Let me know what you think.
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