Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've been trying to get into photography for a while now. Just with getting my own digital point and shoot camera to doing little photoshoots with my family and friends. Well, lately I've been really realizing the difference that a nice camera can make to a picture {although the photographer behind the camera has to be just as good as the camera}.

So as I was driving home last Thursday talking to Kendall, I was telling him about my hopes and dreams for photography and he remarked "Well, we will have to get you a nice camera then". I responded by saying that I've been wanting one for a while and had it on my Christmas wish list. Next thing I know, Kendall has called his dad (who is a photographer and took our wedding pictures) and had found me a camera that his dad needed to sell anyways. Within 24 hours of telling him my goal, he had made it happen. Love him!

Sooo this last weekend my friend Laurel and her fiance Carlin needed engagement shots done, and asked me to take them! I was oh-so-happy to oblige with my NEW camera.

Here's a few snapshot sneak peeks:

That's all for now. Back to editing.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Sorry I've been gone...

I've been busy being at the happiest place on earth....

along with some photoshoots and crafties.

update to come. thanks for being patient :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mrs. Ar-tiste?

My front room was in serious need of a picture, and on Sunday night, my brand new canvas was calling to me...

I saw some fabric online and used it as my design. Then I changed around the colors a bit to give it my own touches.

I'm going to put sconces with flowers on each side of it to make it look bigger and fill my blank wall.

Hopefully one day I can really say "I'm going to paint a picture" and come up with something all on my own. But I'm happy with creations like this for now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkins and Wreaths.

In preparation for my mom's wedding, my sister Sarah and I took advantage of our coupons and went to Micheal's.

We bought a bunch of fall crafties to put together for centerpieces for the reception tables:

We made out pretty nicely and I think the pumpkins will look nice and festive.

Also, this weekend my friend Julia and I went for nice & easy shopping trip to Joanne's this weekend. Luckily, it was a Columbus Day sale for the weekend so there were a lot of sales.

I've been wanting to make myself a fall wreath for a while now, so I bought a few berries, flowers and trinkets to make up this simple grapevine wreath:

Here it is on my extremely tall door:

Close up:

I kept it simple. I really like the grapevine look and I just wanted a few embellishments here and there. The ones that were pre-made were just too busy, with too much fluff.
The best part: I had a gift card from my birthday, so I didn't spend a thing! I can also take it apart easily and re-make it to fit any holiday :)

I love having nice, relaxing and yet productive weekends.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My old friend

I've had a reunion. A lunch date for the past few days with my old friend. A re-awakening of past memories and a nice feeling of being once again with my friend that I have missed.

{My scarf}

My lovelybeautifulrustyredwithalittlebitoforangeytinttoit scarf.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "This girl loves clothes too much". And on the surface, I do really like clothes.

But really, I love the way clothes make me Feel.


And so this is what explains my current state of bliss. The return of one of many long lost pals. Along with the return of Fall. I also have a love affair with seasons that make me have to bundle up.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project 2

So lately I've been really trying to use what I already have around the house, instead of going out and spending money for projects. Eventually, I'll run out of what I already have and will have to go replenish the stock of crafty goodies, but as for now, I have yet another successful project completed.
As you remember from my last post, I recently painted my guest room. I am so happy with the outcome but am a little put out by the barrenness of the pretty walls.

Obviously, they need something:

So I took to looking around the craft room {another room that is in need of a makeover} and found two blank canvases that I never used. The reason for never using them is that I am not an artist! I cannot say "I'm gonna paint a picture" and go and paint this original work of art that is inspiring and unique. So, the canvases were blank...

I decided that even though I am not an artist, there are plenty of beautiful pictures that I like and would like to have... so I googled brown art and came up with the perfect picture to paint on my canvas. I even had a few things of paint that have been left over (for years!). So here is the finished product:

After doing one I decided it needed a friend. This one is actually all me, but based off of the previous theme:

Now my wall will have some lovely, homemade FREE art on it!

I can't wait to get some more canvas and see what else I can put around the place :)