Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 year= 12 months=12 things I love= :)

12 things I love about my Hubby for the 12 months that we have been married {as of Saturday May 30th 2009}:

1. How he takes care of me no matter what.

2. How he tells me I look cute when I have a new outfit.

3. How he eats cereal out of a large mixing bowl with a serving spoon because regular bowls aren't big enough.

4. How he always whistles and makes up his own songs.

5. How he snores every night but then makes fun of me for drooling.

6. How he always makes me laugh, even when I'm crying or in a bad mood.

7. How he loves to drive all over Arizona and go to new places.

8. How he can spend hours and hours on his landcruiser and yet, can't spend five minutes with me at the mall.

9. How he is actually into helping me decorate the house and isn't ashamed of it. He mentioned that he might be looking into interior decorating...haha.

10. How he puts his clean laundry on the rim of the dirty laundry hamper.

11. How he loves to snuggle with me and be close to me whenever we have time together.

12. And how he tells me he loves me and kisses me goodnight :)

There are so many more things I love but I figured 365 things for 365 days would take me too long!

We are leaving for San Diego early tomorrow morning and won't be back until Sunday, so you I'll be gone for a little. I'm going to take lots of pictures though!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm sorry for neglecting my blog...I keep wanting to post and then I get side-tracked with everyone else's posts.
Remember the little broken table that my grandpa made? Well, here is the paint job...

I have it in a little corner in front of the house and I will eventually take a picture of it in its cuteness :)
I went to a friend's baby shower a few weeks ago and I made this diaper cake....

It was much cuter when it was wrapped in this fancy basket bag with twine and a bow but my camera decided at that moment to break and so I only have halfway finished pictures! Here is my topper :)

Then I bought this mirror for 14$ at Goodwill. I don't have a complete before picture {shame on me!} but here is an after....

Just regular black paint you say? NOT!

Chalkboard spraypaint!

ANNNnnndd we painted our front room on Memorial Day....Our room with the vaulted ceilings.....

I kind of...hated it for a little... because the lighting made it too yellow looking {rather than the cake batter-y creamy look I was going for} but I've come to terms with the lighting and figured out some mini fixes that make me happy...thankfully!!

As long as I keep it up with the creams and browns, I'm good.

That's it for now. I'll be better I promise!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Falling Slowly

I think I've listened to this song about 200 times in the past week. I heard it sung by Kris on American Idol and I liked it. Then I looked it up to find the original artist and lyrics etc. and fell in love with it. I personally find the original to be the best, but that is just my style with music.

Anyways, give this your attention for the next few minutes and you won't be disappointed.

My favorite part of this entire song is the actual interactions between Glen and Marketa, and how they really are portraying the music and words.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


My life is so empty without my camera to document and inspire me....

good thing there are magazines to look at to keep me placated until I can fix it somehow.

** In the middle of posting this I got the bright idea to look online for ways to fix my camera and mostly fixed it! It still has difficulty closing but it opens all the way and will take pictures. YAY.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My camera is currently broken. This is rough. Not broken broken....just broken so that the shutter won't open right. And this stupid camera won't work unless the shutter opens right so it keeps telling me "lens error. restart camera". Boo. I don't know how to fix it. I don't know where to take it to fix it. I just want it FIXED!
Soo...even though Kendall and I went on a relaxing campout on the Rim, I have no exciting picture of my own to share....just borrowed ones.

Anyways, I spent every day but one last week and already my Monday of this week helping out my sister in law and my brother with their house.

They bought a fixer upper....and by fixer upper I mean gut out most of the inside, build new walls and a new staircase and flooring and carpeting and everything while still living in it.
I LOVE IT! Even though Kendall and I just bought a house all nice and new this house makes me want to look for hidden treasures in what seems to be a total disaster.

It is going to be so perfect when it is done. I've been painting with them every day and watching the transformation and the floors are put in and the cabinets are glazed.

I love helping them too. It's been fun, even if it's been a workout on my painting arms. I really can't go on enough about how much I love all of this redecorating and remodeling! haha.

Maybe one day, I will find a spot in my house that needs it and will go to town. I currently do have the options of painting, re-arranging, and minor decorations to fill empty spaces. These will have to suffice me until I discover that something is horribly wrong and we just have to rip out something...hehe.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Things I love about my drive home:

-the smell and look of fresh cut grass

-the dairy farms (even though they stink)

-the farmland

and friendly neighbors who wave and chat with me when I get home:

What do you love about your drive home?

Update: Survived...kinda

So, I did pretty well on that killer exam. I thought I would fail it but I think I at least got a B!! I am ecstatic!
The only catch....I just went to take an online quiz that was supposed to be due tomorrow....and found out that it was actually due yesterday....oops. Not totally my fault. To give me some credit, it was marked on the syllabus that it is due tomorrow. She updated it about a month ago and I failed to notice the date....:/
I emailed my professor so maybe there is hope that I can still take it! Worst case scenario I get a B in that class... oh well. We will see!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Freaking out.

I keep taking pictures and writing down thoughts to put on here during the week but I end up forgetting until I'm too tired, or simply not having any time at all. Sorry- haha.
*rant alert*
I'm freaking out right now- I have two finals tomorrow and I kinda started studying for one but not the kind of studying that I need [which would be formatting everything onto note cards and then memorizing them in sequence]. My one for research methods I'm not too worried about. It's my History of Science that I loathe. It is honestly the worst, most horrible class I have taken in my entire time at ASU. My teacher is so boring to listen to, he posts all of the lectures online which doesn't motivate me to pay attention, and he acts like everyone in the world should understand and know as much as he does.
For example, we recently had a quiz in his class. His quizzes are short answer and over a broad range of subjects, making them very hard to study for. Well, I'm in the middle of a move, apartment in boxes, and another exam that I had to study for all the night before. Needless to say I was stressed and not as prepared as I would have liked to have been. However, I did study and make my note cards and put all of the effort in. We get there, take the quiz, and I have a hard time with it. The questions were vague and I couldn't think of what he was trying to get from us. I try my best but I know that it was bad.
So, we hand it in and he goes over it quickly before lecture. He begins by saying [in a laughing voice mind you] "well, there's no question that this was a pretty easy quiz..." blah blah blah.
Are you KIDDING ME? Never mind the fact that I did badly, do you EVER start out by saying that to all of your students, when there is no noticeable difference between this quiz and any others? What about the kids that did badly? What about those who struggled? Sorry we don't know everything there is about science like you do, buddy.
I failed that quiz by the way. I got 100 on the last two quizzes but failed that one. If that goes to show anything.
*end rant*
Anyways....I need to be studying but I'm at the point where I'm freaking out so much that I can't make myself...that's not a good sign.
On a lighter note, here are some before pictures of some projects that I am going to be/am already working on:

This vanity mirror I bought from Kendi. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint and a dresser to sit on?...

My weed garden in the backyard...I will be getting to this sometime this week... I promise!

This old wooden table that my grandpa made. I used to play with it as a little girl and now, I still want it! New paint and a spot in the bathroom corner or on the porch...not sure yet. I paired it with this bucket I got from my sister.

This old piano lamp that my grandma gave me along with my piano. All it needs is some paint to matchy matchy!

And finally, this cubby-hole bookshelf that I also bought from Kendi! Need I mention the word "paint"? hehe.
If you didn't notice, I've recently discovered that a lot of things can be made up new with just a new coat of paint! It's really exciting and yet, a lot more work than I thought...remember this dresser? Well, it's 2/3 done! After I die from my exams, I will finally finish it!

And to finish off my random ranting and project post, here is a picture of one of the TWO black widows that Kendall and I have discovered and exterminated in the front corner of our house (outside). This one had a huge web and egg sack built! You can see in the picture the red hourglass on the belly! YIKES!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Powerhouse duo

My long lost piano has finally found it's way into my home!

[Actually it was only taking a short vacation at my mom's house because there was no way I was letting anyone haul that thing up a flight of narrow stairs, never mind the fact that it would have to be tipped to make it around the top corner of said stairs!]

Kendall and his good friend Kurtis saved their afternoon to get my piano and bring it home, and now I am so excited and glad to be able to play whenever I want.

Of course, usually, I feel like I play every day for the few weeks after a piano rejuvenation or tuning and then go back to only playing occasionally or when I have time. However, I really underestimate how much I play it and benefit from it. I still remember how much piano has been a release for me at the end of the night. How much it really works up my emotions and frustrations of the day and plays them out through music and then helps me relax and go to sleep.

Here is a picture of me at my senior recital. That was probably the best I've ever played and ever will play...but there is always hope that I will take up lessons again and really commit :)

I am really happy to be able to reunite with my passion for music. Kendall and I are trying to make the piano corner into a music/instrument corner. My saxophone and guitar are there and he wants to put his trumpet there too. Once we get our minor [and major] house repairs in order, we are going to buy a stand for the sax and trumpet. It will be fun. Maybe we are the next Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker....the Power trumpet/sax duo! haha. I'm a nerd but believe it or not, the duo was Kendall's idea, I just backed him up with the name dropping of the greats!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We are officially moved in! Unfortunately, there was a delay and a few wrong turns in getting all of the paperwork where it needed to be- which is why we didn't get the official go-ahead until Friday at noon. Once we got the ok however, we were on it.
We decided to start with a load that Kendall had already loaded into his pimpin' work van. Once we got there, we unloaded and decided that we might as well will fill up the van with all of the leftover trash that had been there for 6 months. Let me just say it was pretty nasty! Just imagine having a full garbage bag with old food from the kitchen- then put it in your garage and leave it for six months. Then do that with 5 or 6 bags. 'Nough said.
After dumping it all in several dumpsters [a thank you to Kendall's parents' neighborhood alleyways] and going back to our apartment we decided to do another load. And then another. And then we got the trailer and the landcruiser from Kendall's parents' house. So, all in all we did 3/4 of the move by ourselves on Friday night. If we had realized it was going to turn into a full on move, I think we may have asked some friends in advance for help on Friday. Either way, we left the really heavy stuff for Saturday, which we had asked some friends to help us with. Essentially we were done with our move by 1:00 Saturday afternoon.
Now comes the unpacking, the endless [and I mean ENDLESS] yardwork, and the decorating. Thankfully, classes are done on Tuesday and then I am done with Finals a week from Tuesday so there will be some time to breathe, and get things done.
I think I will then have a housewarming party. Aren't those awesome? I have dreamed of having one and I think I will allow myself to indulge :) As long as people promise to show up, right?

note:I stole some tips on making your blog cute from you Jenni ;)