Monday, April 27, 2009


We signed on our house on Thursday but the papers had to be over-nighted to the owner in Cali, and now we are simply waiting for them to get back. THEN we can FINALLY MOVE IN!
We spent the entire Saturday cleaning up the new house (With permission- worst case scenario, we clean someone elses house). It started out slow going (the fridge alone took me an hour. NOT the fridge and the freezer, JUST the fridge) but eventually a few more hands came to help and everything went much more quickly. All in all, it was Kendall and I, my sister Sarah, my mom, Kendall's sister Camille, her son Rylan, and Kendall's mom. Oh and later Kendall's nieces came over for an hour or two, Haley and Alyssa.
So a lot of people right- but it was a lot of dirt and Kendall's mom kept pointing out to me that it's better to live in our own dirt than someone elses. That got me cringing and scrubbing harder ha!
Today the carpets are getting cleaned (again with permission) and we are still packing and I am hopefully going to start cleaning our apartment. I am going to miss it, only a little bit though.

I tried to leave somewhat of a mark on the place.

I do however know what I will NOT miss:
-The dog that barks almost every day at 6 a.m. and our neighbors who put in a doggie door for it to go outside and get louder.
-The crappiest guest/resident parking ever. 12 spots for the entire community's guest parking or any extra resident cars.
-Our next door neighbors who smoke on their patio, which is right next to ours and our (usually) open patio door.
-Having to wake up and move the truck because I'm parked behind Kendall.
-Finding dog poop in the small plant area right in front of our door 75% of the time.
-Hearing our neightbor get the police called on him and looking down to see five cops behind a baracade behind our truck, trying to talk him out of suicide/pointing a gun at him.
-Did I mention the parking?
-Hearing my next door neighbor snoring in his apartment right next to mine and wondering what else can be heard through these walls.

I actually haven't had that much to complain about and all of this isn't that bad. I guess it's just stuff that I realized wouldn't be bugging me once we got into our house.

Anyways, I have a worksheet, an exam, and two quizzes this week on top of this move. We will see how crazy stressed I can get!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My brother's wedding,

My brother Mark got married on Friday. He is basically my twin blondie, only in his thirties and a guy. I've had many memories of us going to LOTR, trips to Tucson and Utah, and devouring an entire 300 size container of red vines once a year for the past 10 years or so. He's finally found his other half and I am so happy for them both!

It was a beautiful ceremony at Picacho Peak, where they first met on a hike.

As their wedding favors, the attached carabiners to bags of trail mix. The trail mix was yummy but the carabiners were the real hit with my nieces and nephews.

Their cake was amazing.

And they almost had to cut it with this:

But luckily they borrowed a knife from the caterers (someone forgot theirs).

So I haven't seen baby Keaton since he was sooo little! He is a little man now and he has the cutest face ever!

There's my hubby. With his new hair cut that he wouldn't get before Easter simply because I asked him and wanted him to. Of course, when it's his idea and no one is ASKING NICELY and not telling or demanding him, then and only then will he do it. I have learned how to adapt to this system, however, it is not adaptable when there is any sort of timeline or deadline.

I'm glad that I got to spend some time with my sister Liz, even though they had a short stay before they took off for Cali!

And I got to take some desert-y pictures of my uncle Mike in his Indiana Jones hat.

More on my moving status later.

Monday, April 13, 2009


This week has been a rush so far. Sorry it's been a while.
Anyways, Easter went over nicely. I am the choir director for church and I took a risk with our Easter piece....
The issues with my choir are 2 simple, yet very important issues: 1 not enough people (i've had a choir practice of 4 people) and 2 difficulty with 4 part harmonies. Sooo thus far I have found a lot of easy 2 part harmony pieces and even easy 4 part harmony pieces but the key ingredient has been the word EASY.
Well I heard this beautiful piece and decided that it had to be sung but it is a lot more difficult than any of our previous pieces so I wasn't sure if it was going to turn out. I have to say, I am so proud of them! We all did a great job, I had about 20 people, and it really touched the hearts of everyone listening.
I don't have pictures of the choir but I do have pictures of my new strawberry blonde highlighted hair and pictures of Kendall and I!

My cousin unexpectedly paid us a visit for one whole week this week and we did lots of fun stuff. We went to Montezuma's castle on Saturday and it stopped raining just long enough for us to walk around for a while!

It is crazy how they lived here and how those who discovered it have been able to preserve it!

and here's Kendall pretending to choke me. His favorite way of showing love to his wifey.

The rest of this week will also be a rush. My sister and her family are coming in town tomorrow, my brother is getting married on Friday, and Kendall and I are doing our house inspection on Saturday! I gotta start packing!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mystery Diagnosis.

So, last Saturday I woke up with a bad stomach ache. It felt like my stomach was really sour and rotten inside. I figured it was something I ate the night before so I took some Ibprofen and ate some crackers to try and feel better.
Well, that night by the time I got home I was still feeling sick and threw up. I stayed in bed the rest of that night, all day Sunday and all day Monday. Tuesday I went to the doctor and he gave me some OTC medicine. He was so vague when he was talking to me and just expected me to understand- he wrote me out a prescription type paper and yet, it was an OTC medicine so it was pointless. He also was wrong about the mg that were available at the pharmacy and I ended up taking too little of the medicine (which would explain why it didn't work!)
Anyways that was a little frustrating. Still sick on Wednesday but I had to go to class that night. Still sick on Thursday but I went to class and work. Friday I was done with it all. 6 days of throwing up EVERY DAY. So I went back to campus health and got checked out again.
After some invasive exams (you don't wanna know) the new doctor concluded that I have an ulcer in my stomach that is in the early stages but not yet bleeding. I am on three meds and a diet restricting spicy foods, caffeine, and any other foods that wouldn't go over well (fried food)
It is nice to finally know what is going on and to finally get something to help me feel better! I haven't thrown up in two days and even though my stomach is still upset, it is getting better! Now I just have to reduce the stress and keep eating healthy foods.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Easter is coming! I am semi-decorating.

We have to start packing everything we don't need so that we can get things ready for our big move.

Either way I have a project in mind....but I haven't gotten to finishing it yet party because i've still been very sick and partly because it's the sort of project that once it is finished only lasts a few days.

Here are the beginnings of it:

And I got this egg years ago from my grandparents on my dad's side.

I never really appreciated it back then but now it's perfect for Easter. It is a music box inside and I put a few precious pins and buttons that I've gotten from my grandmother over the years.

I've found a lot of things like this. It's so weird. I used to turn the channel everytime my mom left it on the HG channel but now I love it. And a lot of old knick-knacks are becoming increasingly more valuable to me.