Monday, August 31, 2009


Before of trunk:

After of trunk {although I still need to line the inside}:

Before of rolltop:

After of rolltop:

I may do a different color... maybe brown, I'm not sure. Hardware:

That's all the afters I have for now :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ode to a short-sleeved turtle neck.

The time has come for me to say good-bye to my favorite blouse:

This is the Christmas that I first set eyes on it. My mom knows me so well. Only she could have given me such a blouse.

It looked fantastic, all of the time. It was my "go-to" blouse whenever I needed comfort or familiarity.

It went with everything.

And I wore it everywhere.

At one point, my sister made me take it off and sewed it up for me, just so that she would no longer have to witness the holy-ness it contained.

As all favorite blouses go, it has been worn for years, mended and re-mended, and has finally succumbed to the inevitable staining, stretching, and holy-ness. I therefore, must rid myself of it once and for all.

Goodbye mustard yellow. Goodbye slightly puffed sleeves. Goodbye old friend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The ups of life

The more positive side:

San Diego trip with my sister in law and her family- so much fun!

We stayed on the beach,

View from our room:

got to run into my brother and his wife,

and got plenty of beach time and relaxation time!

It was nice to get my beach time, especially since it rained for our whole anniversary trip and I never got my beach day.

Kendall had a great time too :)

Haylee got a ridiculous horse kite that made us pretend we didn't know her for a little....hehee

and Camille had a beautiful butterfly kite.

Our couch/sectional is finally here!!! I am going to put the side table and lamp together before I take a picture to show you all. But let me say it turned out exactly PERFECT for us! We love it sooo much.

Since I helped my mom and grandma move, I ended up getting a lot of {hand-me-down} furniture for the house so I will have to arrange it all and put up a picture of that as well.

For some reason I am really good at putting up the "before" pictures of a project but am horrible at taking afters and putting them on here...not to worry! After pictures coming for:

the small table my grandpa made

the rolltop desk my sister gave me

and the trunk that belonged to my great grandmother

I suppose I still consider them all a {work in progress} which is probably why I haven't posted "after"s yet.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


Started a new "pill", left it home on accident for the San Diego trip, therefore had to double up for a few days straight. Now I am quickly gaining weight, super emotional, and having more than my share of that "once a month" visitor who has come to stay twice now.

Moved my mom- every day this week. Dropped a china cabinet on my face. ow.

Temporarily venting but going to do a real post about the happier aspects of the last few weeks after calming myself down and watching a little p&p the a&e version.

Be back later.