Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something old, Something new...

So this weekend was my friend Alli's bridal shower. I decided to do something for her that was done to me by my best friend Kendilyn. I made her a basket of something old, new, borrowed, and blue. It was really fun and I know that when I got one given to me, I felt like it was thoughtful and even better than anything off of my registry!

So here it is!

Something Old: A picture of Alli and I from a year and a half ago.
Something New: A bottle of Strawberry Pomegranite Italian Soda and two Martini glasses!

Something Borrowed: A basket that was given to me as borrowed :)

And Something Blue: A blue notebook and mini notepad for wedding to-dos and whatnots.

And here is the final product all put together:

It was really fun putting it together for her. Her bridal shower was really fun! She's so cute with her toilet paper veil/headband.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Outlet # 2

Ok so, I lied. Crocheting is not my ONLY creative outlet. I also can become semi-artistic when it comes to mani-pedis, makeup, and hair. I'm making a repitoire of all of my cool nail art that I've been able to create for the month of February. I haven't had much time to paint nails so some of my other exploits from the past aren't on here yet but they will be at some point.

I painted my niece Hannah's nails for her birthday on the 13th. They say "happy b-day" on them with a heart on the pinky.

I also painted hannah's nails for valentines. Little dots and hearts.

I painted my own nails for valentine's (although they didn't last that long). French mani in pink :)

I do love the feeling of being pampered and getting my nails done professionally but unfortunately, I can't always afford it and why get them done all the time when I can do them myself for cheap? :)

oh and as for hair.... well I'm usually into the curls and whatnot but crazy hair day was last week and so I helped out with Hannah once more!

I think I've seen it on the runway anywhere. It's the new fall "struck by lightening" look. lots of volume and hairspray.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My only creative outlet.

So, i've decided to make a photo repertoire of all of my crochet projects that i've done. Since I give a lot of them away i've had to do some hunting down of my friends but they have all helped me out. As I get more pictures back, i'll probably add them onto here but this is what i've got so far!

More to come!