Friday, July 31, 2009


Sorry for being moody. I'm over it all now. Thanks for showing you're out there :)

First of all I love love love the monsoon season! I know it was a few weeks ago but Kendall and I went out into the desert and spent time just enjoying the lightening and rain! I got a cool picture while we were filling up at a gas station:

This was a little before we saw a bush get struck and burst into flames... we decided it was time to go at that point... haha!

As for Spartacus, he is getting so big! He is pretty annoying and devilish. He hardly sleeps for all the attacking he does on Kendall and I. However, I managed to catch a snap at his angelic side.
He's winking at you!

Anyways, last night Kendall really wanted to hang up our new gate for our new wall that we had built. (We had an enormous front yard so we moved our back yard up and cut the front yard in half). He has been working on that gate for the past few days and it was ready to go last night so he asked if I would help him a little bit. So, I went upstairs and changed into some shorts, a t-shirt and some flippy floppies.

For those of you who really know me, I don't really wear flip flops a lot- I prefer sneakers or whatever shoes I can wear with socks- it just makes me more comfy. BUT, of course last night I decided it was so incredibly hot that I needed the least amount of clothing on, hence, the flip flops.

All was well until we had to move the gate over to the wall from the garage. I had the side that didn't have much gripping space and was having a rough time walking backwards until I let the gate dip a little to get my grip... and consequently sliced it right into my foot/big toe.

I'll try and spare you the gory details (half of my toenail and part of my toe is now gone) but I did not need stitches! Funny thing was, while I was limping upstairs
and hopping to the bathroom, I noticed Kendall kept throwing toilet paper, IBprofen, ice and bandaids at me while running around everywhere... it wasn't until after I was settled in with my foot in the tub that he finally exclaimed "I'm gonna pass out!" and quickly left the room. Haha. I can't call him a wuss (there was a lot of blood and it's a few pretty bad gashes) but at least he helped me get everything I needed before hastily making his exit! :) Funny guy. He gets that squemishness from his dad, for sure.

So now I am confined to flip flops for the next who knows how long. At least on one foot. So far I can limp around with it a little as long as I take breaks in between outings (outings of a trip downstairs or up ha!). I figured if my one toe is going to be mutilated and wrapped in an entire bandaid box, at least my other toes can look nice:

I shall be an invalid for the next month or so.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Why post on a blog when no one comments? I don't even know if anyone reads this. Am I really that boring? It seems so.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sorry Again...

I know I know. I said I would be better with my posting. For some reason, this week was really hard to find the motivation to post. I had free time but I spent it all sleeping and reading Harry Potter.
Did a few more photoshoots with Jennie lately. It turned out nicely I think. I'm getting more into the photog. I want to do some {artsy pictures} without people in them so that I can blow them up and put them around my house. I have so many pictures that need to be hung up. Maybe that's what I will do tomorrow...hmm.

Anyways here is a sneak peak of the Jennie shoot. We shot eachother back and forth and it was pretty fun. 

Kendall and I are getting a lot done in our house that we have been waiting to do for a while now. We ordered our new sectional (YAY!), got a new TV (47"), got a new computer (about time, stupid laptops), and on Monday, we have a guy coming out to move our back wall forward to get rid of all of the useless front yard space we have.

It's so interesting how things happened- I was so negative and feeling down about how everyone had to sit on the floor every time we had a family gathering. And that day, when i'd finally had enough, we got the go ahead and were able to go and order our new sectional! YAY. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Honestly, I don't know why people put things on craigslist if they aren't willing to answer their phone, call people back, or even just answer their email.

I've been in dire need of 3 bar stools for my counter. I know that if I order them from Cortate, they will be exactly perfect and my exact style. I know that much. However, they will also be significantly more expensive and take several weeks to get here, etc. But mostly way more expensive.

Therefore, I have been watching craigslist like a hawk every day, hoping for the chance to find some close to perfect bar stools. The worst part is, I've found at least three to four different sets of bar stools that are just fine. And I have emailed and called and voicemailed and emailed and called and texted etc. These people just decide not to answer, or to leave up their ad even though the stools are sold, or to answer a few days later saying that they're sold (meaning that if they had called or emailed me back when I had emailed them, I would have gotten them).

It is very frustrating.

In the meantime, here is a before picture of my latest undertaking.

This is a chest/trunk that belonged to my great Grandma Lois, whom I got my middle name from. Every time my great Grandma would move, she'd pack up her clothes and such in this and take them with her. I am painting the outside, and re-lining the inside of this.

Pretty details. I wonder what the 4 stands for?

P.S. Yee-Haw for summer and swimming.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Remember when it was so easy? And you could eat anything you wanted and still look terrific? I do.

It's hard for me to think about how easy it used to be to look fantastic without even trying. And it wasn't even long ago for me.

It's so crazy how different a person can look in a year or two.

I've started really working out again and staying dedicated and it's giving me more and more energy while also wearing me out at the same time.

It feels good to start to feel good about myself again.