Friday, March 26, 2010


Now that the secret is out, I can tell you all why I am "stocking up" so much for my bro and his wife- They had TWINS! twin baby girls after having 4 boys in a row! They were born on Thursday morning and are so precious!

They kept it a secret and surprised all of their kids when they came to the hospital! Priceless!!
So in continuing to stock up for my SIL's new baby girls, my mom had an idea to make matching baby blankets. We went shopping, spent like two hours picking out two different fabrics, and I did the sewing... {and just to tell you, anything important, and it takes my mom FOREVER. don't even get me started on cards... not that it's a bad thing :) }

Anyways, here is the final product:

Far from perfect, which is why I folded them {strategically} so you wouldn't see my mistakes.

It was a fun project and now I know how to make those blankets... although I think for the expensive fabric, it's cheaper to buy one... hehe :)

I also ruffled some more onesies. This time, I bought plain white ones and did my own thing.

I did them in stylistic pairs for the twins:

And disclaimer- I know that the sewing isn't great but the messy/shabby look is what I actually was going for.




Ruffle collar:


I had even more fun with these onesies than with the last ones. It makes me want to stock up for when I have a baby...eventually :)

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Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Love love love this idea! These are super cute! I wanna post this as part of my Linky Loves Favorites next week if that's okay. So check back next week. Thanks for linking up with Sweet Charli!

Courtney said...

I love the onesies! They are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! I hope you stop by often.


neli said...


Afton said...

LOVE that blanket, my rocker and changing pad cover are the same cute Bekah!

Gay Vaughan said...

Super job! Thank you for bringing your hodgepodge to my party. I love seeing what you are up to. I hope you will join again!

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Wow, sooooo cute! Congratulations, I'm sure that when they get older, your nieces will love having such a cool aunt! I just posted about making homemade organic baby wipes, could come in handy with twins!

Have you ever seen that Kevin James comedy skit about picking cards? I think it's on youtube.. If your mom is anything like mine, it's pretty accurate and hilarious!

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