Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patio Problems

I have been through the ringer lately and my blog has been neglected. I recently switched places with my hubby and went back to work while he stays home with Mr. Harrison. Let's just say we BOTH have a bigger appreciation for what the other does. I now am astounded at all of those working mamas who come home and still have the energy to change diapers and make dinner. And my husband has repeatedly told me how hard it is to be a stay at home mom and that he's grateful that I do it. Hopefully the time will come where we can switch back {we are both going crazy}.

That's the life update for now. As for a crafty update, my husband wanted to sand and stain our back patio table and benches a few months ago. I don't have a before picture but the stain he picked ended up being a funky shade of orange that was... um... awful.

He sanded it a little, realized how thick the lacquer was, and just painted on the stain instead of doing it properly. I can't blame him completely because that thing had as much lacquer as wood it seems. But luckily I stopped him from going any further with this crazy cool-aid color.

I took the sander to it and after calling in reinforcements from my SIL, three days of sanding all day, and multiple layers of stripper, we finished it (as best we could).

Here is halfway done with the table:

Table finished:

Table and benches. You can see where we STILL couldn't get the lacquer off but I kinda like the weathered feel. I swear I am never going to pick up a sander again.

I never got around to sealing it. Maybe another day.

Do you like it?


Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY Ombre Hair

I've been wanting to get my hair done for a while now (it's been over a year!) and I just haven't wanted to spend the money on it. I noticed the other day that I've been rocking the natural ombre look (i.e. out-grown roots)... luckily for me, my hair is blonde and it's not very noticeable. Either way it gave me some inspiration to actually make it officially ombre... all by myself.

Now I was so nervous to do it without any help. The last time I tried to color my hair instead of paying to get it done... it was a {disaster}. I still have evidence:

It looks like something bad peed all over my head. And the worst part was, the hubby (who was only my boyfriend back then- weird) had gotten us tickets to the nutcracker that evening, so I had to go with it looking like that!! I just decided to curl it and rock it:

and I vowed never again to dye my hair... until today.

I spent like 30 minutes in Sally beauty and between Mr. Harrison having a melt down and asking the lady like a billion questions, I came home with the goods.

The hubbs watched as I ombre-d my hair... and I actually like it :)

Here is the before:

the "natural ombre" look.


Watching Vampire Diaries to pass the time. I just finished season two. Onto season three!

And finally, the after:

a little brassier than expected but still so much fun!

I'm even contemplating dying my roots a little darker and lightening up my ends a smidge (and hopefully not burning them off) to give it even more dynamic. I'm feeling braver now I think.

Either way I love it. What do you think? :) yes?


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

Hope you guys had a great fourth. I did these nails for the holiday:

I mixed patriotic with nautical. 

As for the rest of our fourth, Mr. Harrison was NOT a fan of the fireworks we lit off ourselves. He was terrified and we ended up running around inside while everyone else was outside. Wah Wah... oh well!

How was your fourth? What did you do?