Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last weekend Kendall finished putting his landcruiser back together (there is always something wrong with it) and we decided to take it out to Sycamore Creek to make sure that it won't fall apart on us.

He really loves this baby. I would go as far as to say it is his {other wife}. I tend to have jealousy issues with how much time and money that he puts into it but I forget about it all when I see this face:

I remembered to take my camera with me this time:

And I was also prepared for the crazy wind that makes my hair fly:

He went up some steep hills.

We brought Sadie with us...she bounced a lot! We probably won't bring her along next time! Haha.

The sky reminded me of the tops of buttery rolls:

See the resemblance? Kind-of? I do.

It was a really nice time.

Sadie says bye.


Elizabeth Larson said...

You are so cute Bekah! What a great last pic of you and Sadie! ;) Glad Kendall's baby is done being worked on...for now.

Sarah said...

Mmmmm....yummy rolls. We should make yummy rolls today! Love the last photo of you and Sadie. You look so cute!

the tim gailey home said...

is sadie yours? love the curls flying in the wind!

Mom2Ian said...

Your photos are really good. What's your secret?