Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bad news

So, I've been too busy to blog lately because of some events that have occurred.

Just as he finally got everything done on his {landcruiser}, my hubby ended up totaling it last week.

He was actually very very lucky, even though he was very very stupid and didn't wear his seatbelt!

He was on the freeway, going about 70 when all of a sudden, traffic comes to a complete stop. The lady in front of him slammed on her breaks and he slammed on his but he could see that he was going to hit her. He checked the HOV lane to see if it was clear, saw that it was, and swerved into it to avoid hitting her. Unfortunately, the landcruiser is too old to have anti-lock breaks so his breaks locked and sent him into a skid that sent him headfirst into the concrete barrier.

He was thrown into the passenger seat {luckily not through the window or onto the street to be hit by some oncoming car!... as you can see I'm still very mad that he was stupid and didn't wear his seatbelt...mad and yet grateful that his stupidhead is alive} and hurt his knee and his derriere, but other than that, he was ok.

He didn't even hit anyone! All in all, very lucky, and smart of him to get into the HOV lane. The engine is ruined and the landcruiser won't even start. And due to some other things that we will not talk about, the rest of the week was a complete headache, full of argues with authority and money for the beast. {let's just say I'm definitely going to be checking the mail a bit more thoroughly}


With that being said, I have not had much time for crafting. I've been enjoying my spring break by doing absolutely nothing along with celebrating my birthday! More about that later...

Hope you are all having a great spring break!


the tim gailey home said...

absolutely LOVE your new background and thingys that go with it! and also so glad that kendall is okay. you should ground him for 6 months or maybe a year! so glad he is okay...well, in the least, maybe now you can retain a good pair of jeans! *sigh* why does life have to have such sad consequences? happy birthday!

Afton said...

Your blog is so cute! How did you do all of that?? Thank goodness Kendall is ok, I vote to boycott all future landcruiser repairs/purchases in the interest of his life. :)