Sunday, March 28, 2010


It was my birthday last week and we had lots of fun with friends.

I woke up to a birthday gift from my sister Liz who lives in Utah...
She got me a new purse which I desperately needed {My cat snuck into my closet and sprayed my pile of purses, ending in the disposal of two of my favorites :/ }
Anyways here it is:

So fun and big enough for everything I tote around with me:

My sister Sarah got me a much needed threadbox, fabric pencil and ruler. Yay:

And my brother Tim got me an armband for my ipod touch! Now I don't have to hold it when I run {or stuff it into my sportsbra...not that I do that... haha} :

I also got a Joann's giftcard, a Sonic giftcard, I-tunes $, and a cute shirt from all of my in-laws! It was fun to get things that I actually really need! :)

El Guapo drove me to Someburros {my favorite Mexican place} for dinner, just the two of us.

But first he gave me my present:

It is perfect! So beautiful and nice but also not too fancy so that I can wear it with anything and everything!

Anyways onto someburros. Note the cave man hair that he refuses to cut:

I wore my new dress that my Mom and Tom got me:

mmm hot sauce! and my shamrock!

Then we went to Red Robin with friends on Friday.
Guacamole Bacon Burger!

Diana & Jennie being cool:

Shauna and Aaron:

Julia and I enjoying ourselves:

It was a fun birthday :)


Elizabeth Larson said...

Wow, that sister of yours was so nice to give you that sweet purse! ;) Seriously, love all the stuff you got for your birthday! So glad it was so special for you. Miss you, love you!

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

That's so funny that you call your husband El Guapo!! I call mine that too! no joke! In my phone- that's what it is. When we first started dating, that name just kind of stuck. I love it. We should definitely be friends since we have good taste :) Haha really though, I am glad you had a good birthday! Looks like loads of fun!