Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo fun

Had a little fun around my house this weekend with my camera. I need pictures to put on my walls and all of the pictures that I have taken thus far have been of other people. No offense but I don't really want other people's family pictures on my walls ;) soooo I took these and played around with the editing.

Nothing too exciting but I think one or two may go on the wall.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Husband's "Craft"

My husband's craft is making our garage into a permanently black grimy mess :)

After about three months of this, he is finally finishing the spring-over lift that he started! Now I'm going to HAVE to have some sort of stepping stool to get into the Landcruiser.... seeing as I already have to jump... and have several split pairs of pants due to my {shortness} combined with the {crazy lifts} on this beast.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This just in

I love rainy days.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I ran 10 miles on Friday.


I'm training for a half marathon {London's Run} along with my niece, both of my sisters, my brother, my brother-in-law and possibly my sister-in-law. It's awesome to be doing such a big thing with so many members of my family. It's going to be amazing.

Now it's like no big deal that we ran 6 miles tonight when a few weeks ago, 6 was a hard run for me. It's such a great feeling.

And not only the running part but I have been trying to make better health choices along with is because they all go together and it's been great. I haven't had any soda in 3 going on 4 days {which if you know me, is a lot} and I've been drinking more water and gatorade/powerade. Also, not eating foods that I know make my stomach hurt and trying to be healthy.

It feels good. Literally.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hair Resolutions...

Over the last 6 years or so my hair has changed from this:

To this:

and is now somewhere in the middle.

{This is my Hair Resolution for the year}
My current goal is to make it long again. Probably longer than it was before I cut it super short. I also want to get some highlights as well. and try and keep them from growing out too much.

It's so hard when you get bored with you hair while you're growing it out! Does anyone else have that problem? I would get it highlighted more often to prevent this but sometimes, when you're trying to save money, it's hard to justify getting your hair done when it really doesn't need 100+ spent on it right?

What do you do to keep your hair happy on a budget?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi there

There is a lot to say. I have neglected my blogging but I will do my best.

I spent lots of time on a Christmas Book that my sister in law Camille thought of making. After like three 6-hour sessions we finally figured it all out and put the final touches on them.

They have the scriptures from Luke and Matthew containing the Christmas story. It was really neat to read them on Christmas morning.

It has about 12 pages I think. These are just a few of them.

The front and back of the book was canvas. It was so fun to make this book!

My wonderful hubby knew exactly what I wanted this year! He got me a sewing machine and an itouch! I am so lucky to have him!

Here is our Grinch-esque Christmas tree. Very crooked but also very tall and beautiful. We had to buy a new stand to fit it and even then, when we got it home, it still didn't fit all of the way.

Here is El Guapo with his gifties from me. A new tool box and an xbox.
Note: {he played the xbox for 6 hours straight}

Here I am with the new headband that I made :)

My truck is very very dirty. Every time I try and wash it, it rains like ten minutes before I leave to go get it detailed. I kid you not, EVERY TIME. I just thought I would show you how dirty it is.

And finally, the source of all of my business. We got ourselves a New Years gift.
Meet Sadie:

She is a pure-bred, 3 year old Boxer. She drools a lot, snores the loudest, and has to sleep in our room, lest we leave her to get batted at by Spartacus. She's such a sweetheart!

More posting to come.