Sunday, May 3, 2009

We are officially moved in! Unfortunately, there was a delay and a few wrong turns in getting all of the paperwork where it needed to be- which is why we didn't get the official go-ahead until Friday at noon. Once we got the ok however, we were on it.
We decided to start with a load that Kendall had already loaded into his pimpin' work van. Once we got there, we unloaded and decided that we might as well will fill up the van with all of the leftover trash that had been there for 6 months. Let me just say it was pretty nasty! Just imagine having a full garbage bag with old food from the kitchen- then put it in your garage and leave it for six months. Then do that with 5 or 6 bags. 'Nough said.
After dumping it all in several dumpsters [a thank you to Kendall's parents' neighborhood alleyways] and going back to our apartment we decided to do another load. And then another. And then we got the trailer and the landcruiser from Kendall's parents' house. So, all in all we did 3/4 of the move by ourselves on Friday night. If we had realized it was going to turn into a full on move, I think we may have asked some friends in advance for help on Friday. Either way, we left the really heavy stuff for Saturday, which we had asked some friends to help us with. Essentially we were done with our move by 1:00 Saturday afternoon.
Now comes the unpacking, the endless [and I mean ENDLESS] yardwork, and the decorating. Thankfully, classes are done on Tuesday and then I am done with Finals a week from Tuesday so there will be some time to breathe, and get things done.
I think I will then have a housewarming party. Aren't those awesome? I have dreamed of having one and I think I will allow myself to indulge :) As long as people promise to show up, right?

note:I stole some tips on making your blog cute from you Jenni ;)


J&&K said...

bahaha I'm glad I'm your inspiration! I hope it helps:)

The Dixons said...

I'm there for a housewarming party! I can't wait to see the place!

the tim gailey home said...

so cool bekah! can't wait for the big party!

greatgoogamooga said...

Yay for the new house! I'm so excited for you guys. You're going to make everything in that house adorable! :)