Monday, April 27, 2009


We signed on our house on Thursday but the papers had to be over-nighted to the owner in Cali, and now we are simply waiting for them to get back. THEN we can FINALLY MOVE IN!
We spent the entire Saturday cleaning up the new house (With permission- worst case scenario, we clean someone elses house). It started out slow going (the fridge alone took me an hour. NOT the fridge and the freezer, JUST the fridge) but eventually a few more hands came to help and everything went much more quickly. All in all, it was Kendall and I, my sister Sarah, my mom, Kendall's sister Camille, her son Rylan, and Kendall's mom. Oh and later Kendall's nieces came over for an hour or two, Haley and Alyssa.
So a lot of people right- but it was a lot of dirt and Kendall's mom kept pointing out to me that it's better to live in our own dirt than someone elses. That got me cringing and scrubbing harder ha!
Today the carpets are getting cleaned (again with permission) and we are still packing and I am hopefully going to start cleaning our apartment. I am going to miss it, only a little bit though.

I tried to leave somewhat of a mark on the place.

I do however know what I will NOT miss:
-The dog that barks almost every day at 6 a.m. and our neighbors who put in a doggie door for it to go outside and get louder.
-The crappiest guest/resident parking ever. 12 spots for the entire community's guest parking or any extra resident cars.
-Our next door neighbors who smoke on their patio, which is right next to ours and our (usually) open patio door.
-Having to wake up and move the truck because I'm parked behind Kendall.
-Finding dog poop in the small plant area right in front of our door 75% of the time.
-Hearing our neightbor get the police called on him and looking down to see five cops behind a baracade behind our truck, trying to talk him out of suicide/pointing a gun at him.
-Did I mention the parking?
-Hearing my next door neighbor snoring in his apartment right next to mine and wondering what else can be heard through these walls.

I actually haven't had that much to complain about and all of this isn't that bad. I guess it's just stuff that I realized wouldn't be bugging me once we got into our house.

Anyways, I have a worksheet, an exam, and two quizzes this week on top of this move. We will see how crazy stressed I can get!


Tiffany said...

haha "wondering what else can be heard through these walls" that was seriously funny.
congrats on the new house!!

The Dixons said...

I'm bummed that I didn't get to come help! I slept almost all day after my shift the night before. (Well, I woke up in the middle of the day after three hours and THEN went back to sleep later.) Seriously, though, please keep me posted on the move!

Jason and Keri said...

Hi Becka! I found your journal through Maegan's. My boyfriend and I recently bought a foreclosure and it was disgusting too! Good luck with yours, it is all worth it!

Sarah said...

Your new house is going to be so great! After cleaning your beautiful, huge house, I came home to my filthy one and sent the family to work for the rest of the day, and it still wasn't as clean as yours, or as pretty!