Monday, May 11, 2009

Freaking out.

I keep taking pictures and writing down thoughts to put on here during the week but I end up forgetting until I'm too tired, or simply not having any time at all. Sorry- haha.
*rant alert*
I'm freaking out right now- I have two finals tomorrow and I kinda started studying for one but not the kind of studying that I need [which would be formatting everything onto note cards and then memorizing them in sequence]. My one for research methods I'm not too worried about. It's my History of Science that I loathe. It is honestly the worst, most horrible class I have taken in my entire time at ASU. My teacher is so boring to listen to, he posts all of the lectures online which doesn't motivate me to pay attention, and he acts like everyone in the world should understand and know as much as he does.
For example, we recently had a quiz in his class. His quizzes are short answer and over a broad range of subjects, making them very hard to study for. Well, I'm in the middle of a move, apartment in boxes, and another exam that I had to study for all the night before. Needless to say I was stressed and not as prepared as I would have liked to have been. However, I did study and make my note cards and put all of the effort in. We get there, take the quiz, and I have a hard time with it. The questions were vague and I couldn't think of what he was trying to get from us. I try my best but I know that it was bad.
So, we hand it in and he goes over it quickly before lecture. He begins by saying [in a laughing voice mind you] "well, there's no question that this was a pretty easy quiz..." blah blah blah.
Are you KIDDING ME? Never mind the fact that I did badly, do you EVER start out by saying that to all of your students, when there is no noticeable difference between this quiz and any others? What about the kids that did badly? What about those who struggled? Sorry we don't know everything there is about science like you do, buddy.
I failed that quiz by the way. I got 100 on the last two quizzes but failed that one. If that goes to show anything.
*end rant*
Anyways....I need to be studying but I'm at the point where I'm freaking out so much that I can't make myself...that's not a good sign.
On a lighter note, here are some before pictures of some projects that I am going to be/am already working on:

This vanity mirror I bought from Kendi. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint and a dresser to sit on?...

My weed garden in the backyard...I will be getting to this sometime this week... I promise!

This old wooden table that my grandpa made. I used to play with it as a little girl and now, I still want it! New paint and a spot in the bathroom corner or on the porch...not sure yet. I paired it with this bucket I got from my sister.

This old piano lamp that my grandma gave me along with my piano. All it needs is some paint to matchy matchy!

And finally, this cubby-hole bookshelf that I also bought from Kendi! Need I mention the word "paint"? hehe.
If you didn't notice, I've recently discovered that a lot of things can be made up new with just a new coat of paint! It's really exciting and yet, a lot more work than I thought...remember this dresser? Well, it's 2/3 done! After I die from my exams, I will finally finish it!

And to finish off my random ranting and project post, here is a picture of one of the TWO black widows that Kendall and I have discovered and exterminated in the front corner of our house (outside). This one had a huge web and egg sack built! You can see in the picture the red hourglass on the belly! YIKES!


J&&K said...

I've been waiting for you to post!! I hope your finals go well!! I'm sorry you have such a rough teacher! Luckily it's almost over!!

greatgoogamooga said...
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greatgoogamooga said...

ugh! I hate those teachers! It's like they've been around since time immemorial and as such they can't remember a time before they understood flawlessly all the subject matter they're teaching they can't even fathom someone not getting it right away. I would much rather have a teacher who knows what it's like to struggle to learn something. *sigh* looks like I'm ranting too. :P

The Dixons said...

Almost there lady, keep going! Teachers like that shouldn't be teaching, IMO.

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, because I'm sure Kendall reads your blog, but when Chad first moved into my old house with me he and his friend found great delight in lighting my resident black widows on fire. It was horrifying.