Saturday, May 23, 2009

Falling Slowly

I think I've listened to this song about 200 times in the past week. I heard it sung by Kris on American Idol and I liked it. Then I looked it up to find the original artist and lyrics etc. and fell in love with it. I personally find the original to be the best, but that is just my style with music.

Anyways, give this your attention for the next few minutes and you won't be disappointed.

My favorite part of this entire song is the actual interactions between Glen and Marketa, and how they really are portraying the music and words.


Sarah said...

Yeah that was so beautiful. Love that song. So glad I was introduced to it.

J&&K said...

thats so pretty. I love how calming it is

Jason and Keri said...

How did your weekend painting go?!