Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Week.

This week has been really crazy. My sister finally had her newest baby Margaret and I stayed the night and watched her girls for her while she went to the hospital. So beautiful and tiny!

Let me just say that I have never gone so crazy over kids in my life. It's not so much all of her girls, just her 2 year old terror Olivia. She is cute on the outside and can be quite adorable most of the time:
It's those moments of biting, hitting, following me around asking the same question over and over and over and over....and over- that's what drives me insane. Ah, well- I was glad that I could be there to help out and after I had this weekend to cool off, I know i'm ready to face Olivia once more and resist the urge to lock her out in the backyard for a while haha. She really is just a normal 2 year old....I'm only beginning to understand how true the phrase the "terrible two's" is. hehe.
Kendall and I went to his sister Camille's house for most of Saturday. They are getting a new awesome pool and Kendall is helping them take out their old concrete patio to make space for a new one plus the pool deck. It looked like a lot of hard labor but Kendall was seriously loving it. He's been feeling lazy and loved getting in some intense physical labor for the past two weekends. Their pool is going to be really cool- it has a waterfall and a slide biult in plus a hidden area behind the waterfall and it is so neat!

I went shopping with the nieces. It's weird but that made me feel old/young. I am right in the middle where I can relate to the oldest nieces who are teenagers:
but at the same time I can relate to Kendall's sisters who are in their thirties:
It's a weird position and I don't think most would know how to find the balance. I'm just lucky enough to have grown up with siblings and sisters who are all much older than me (from 8 years older to 16 years older):
and with my own nieces who are getting into their teens (at least one is):
Even with the experience, I still feel silly when I am texting the nieces....haha.

I was feeling rotten inside on Saturday morning but I took some IBprofen and kept figuring it was just the medication I am on or something. But when I got home on Saturday night I threw up and had to stay in bed all day on Sunday too and threw up again. So much for a restful weekend. I just hope I'm over it.


J&&K said...

Oh i know the feeling! I am so sorry you aren't feeling well1 I stayed home from work today because I felt so nauseous! I will cross my fingers and say my prayers that we will both be feelign better by morning ;] ilu

the tim gailey home said...

you and kendall sure are giving. are you feeling better yet? cause i think the weekend "resting" is over and you have to zoom zoom again.goodluck!