Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

First of all, yay for Kendall being so smart and realizing that the charger for his blackberry can also fit into my camera! Now I can put pictures on this borrowed laptop for blogging instead of having to wait the weekend out until I get back to work (my sister's) to do it!

Anyways, this weekend started off rocky... I was disappointed that my spring break didn't include any trips or fun things to do. But I talked to my sister Liz on the phone and she told me what I already knew and then some. She also told me to throw myself into a project and maybe that will help me feel better. I heeded her advice and decided to use the giftcard to Joann's that my parents-in-law got me for my birthday (which is on Tuesday).

Before I get into this, can I just say how much my mood changes when I get out of the house??!! I veg and sit on the computer and do nothing (other than minor cleaning) at home all morning and it makes me crazy and tired. Yet, when I can finally get my lazy butt out of the shower and into the fresh air, I feel so much better it is ridiculous! Even just walking to the gas station for a soda (soooo bad) or just going to mail a letter, the simple act of being out changes how I feel about everything. I am more ambitious and optimistic. I really encourage everyone to take a break from your house or job or whatever is norm for you and go outside for a bit. It is so hard with our world becoming so technological, but none of the outside activities have gone away- they have just been pushed aside for video games and facebook. Kendall and I have both decided to be more active and go outside more- we went rollerblading last night :) and we are both determined to raise our future children to be active and to enjoy the outdoors.

Anyways, I spent almost my entire giftcard in one go but I got some acryllic paints that I have been needing and some brushes too. I'll save the rest of what I got for another post... :) Anyways, I got home, cleaned up, and set to work on my new magazine/craft holder :) I picked it up at Goodwill for $4 with Julia along with a candle holder for $3 and a potential necklace holder for $4. And just so you know, this really wasn't a big project by any means... just one that I wanted to do.

So here is the before picture:

and the messy space of craft stuff between the couch and love sac:

And here is the after!

And the new organized and not messy craft stuff:

Unfortunately I didn't get a before picture of my candle holder and necklace holder:

But here it is all finished with a candle on it:

I took some sandpaper to everything to distress it:

And for the final touch, my brother Tim and his wife Clarisa and their kids got me a beautiful bouquet of lavendar roses!

They are so beautiful and look amazing on my coffee table in my vases that I bought and used for my wedding reception.

So all in all, my spring break was not too shabby. I'm definately dreading going back to class this week....especially since I get to take an exam on my birthday- hooray.


Sarah said...

So the roses look amazing! And your projects turned out really great. I like the antique looking cream color you painted everything. Very creative, very cool.
And yay for the outdoors! I totally agree with you!

the gaileys said...

happy birthday! i like you craft stuffer. it shows but is organized. cute. i'd liketo comment more but have to go enjoy the wonderful outdoors...before it gets too much hotter. you and kendall sound like you have lots of fun.

the gaileys said...

can you find time for another family picture? i need a spring one. we can coordinate better times so you don't have to always drive here for just that. love to have you for dinner, but...