Saturday, March 21, 2009


My Birthday is on St. Patty's Day so I always like to wear green and decorate the house for it.

Albertson's had carnations on sale this week. They're not my favorite but I saw some cute Easter ideas for them that I may use later on.

I put a bunch of these bags around the place.

The pots of gold were really expensive! But at least I got the gold right?

Gotta represent the shamrock!

This is one of the several mugs that my grandpa used to drink out of. My grandma was giving them away so I grabbed them up. They are actually my favorite to drink out of.

Kendall and I went to dinner with our friends and hung out all afternoon and night. It was really fun.

His present to me!! :) Diamond earrings!

I'm a lucky girl.


Sarah said...

Yes, you are a very lucky girl! Of course, you deserve it all!

the tim gailey home said...

happy birthday! you are going to look be-u-ti-ful with those on. You must be the gold at the end of the rainbow for kendall!