Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Easter is coming! I am semi-decorating.

We have to start packing everything we don't need so that we can get things ready for our big move.

Either way I have a project in mind....but I haven't gotten to finishing it yet party because i've still been very sick and partly because it's the sort of project that once it is finished only lasts a few days.

Here are the beginnings of it:

And I got this egg years ago from my grandparents on my dad's side.

I never really appreciated it back then but now it's perfect for Easter. It is a music box inside and I put a few precious pins and buttons that I've gotten from my grandmother over the years.

I've found a lot of things like this. It's so weird. I used to turn the channel everytime my mom left it on the HG channel but now I love it. And a lot of old knick-knacks are becoming increasingly more valuable to me.

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J&&K said...

haha i enjoy shopping at target too.;] they have adorable easter things that i am SO investing in when the sales hit!