Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WPW Wednesday!

Heeeey! It's Wednesday! I kept thinking it was Monday yesterday and then I thought today was Saturday when I woke up... What is going on with my brain? No idea!

Anyways this week I was looking for something quick and simple. But also fun. So here it is:

For some reason after I went to sleep, all of the white dots rubbed off without even smudging anything! Weird! It's all crazy business over here.

Wardrobe was fun this week because it's finally COLD! YAY! I've been waiting for forever to wear these boots that I got at Target:

So here I am:

Shirt: f21 Cardi, boots, jeans: Target (it seems I'm a walking ad for target these days) Scarf: ?

I've been trying to wear them every day. I can't help myself. I love BOOTS!

Here's Mr. Harrison:

Shirt and pants: Children's Place Sweater: Thrifted

How's your week going? Any cute outfits or fun nails?


Xuan said...

Your nails are sooooo cute...and so is your little man. He's totally rocking that mohawk.

lauryn said...

seriously your nails are always so great. i love them.
and the boots... i WAY want. can't believe you got them at TARGET!!
woot woot!
i would love to have you do a nail art guest post over at love notes... let me know if you are interested!
{love} lauryn

Erin said...

ah how cute are you two!! :) those shoes look so warm!

Caitlin@cait. create. said...

I tried some fun nail shields this week...I'm not brave enough to paint on something cool :)I'm afraid my kids would mess it up too fast.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh My Goodness!!! What a SUPER CUTIE! I loooove these darling photos of your little Mr. Harrison. That last one, with that charming smile is a heart-melter! : )

Robin said...

This post is just fabulous! Cute nails, boots, and baby..all in one post!!!

So, I'm quite a nail biter..its bad. And randomly I'll have a month or two that I won't bite my nails. I was currently in that stage where my nails were long and fancy. But, then I had a midterm tonight..that left me angry, frustrated and 4 nails are suddenly gone.

Sums up my week.

just tututiny said...

Love the nails! Can you little guy get any cuter!

Summer-Raye said...

How cute are you! I love those booties. :)

Katy said...

Have you tried magnetic nailpolish? I am dying to, but I want someone else to do it first. (Story of my life!)


Rolled Up Pretty said...

K cute and SIMPLE?! They are WAY cute, but SIMPLE? NO! Ha ha, I would have a heart attack on the first nail! Do you have like the steadiest hand EVER?! Thanks for linking up to me, you're SO CUTE!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

look at that cute little baby smile. adorable! and don't worry, i seem to keep waking up thinking it's the wrong day too. i think it has something to do with not having a job and not waking up until 9 or 10, but still, ha. and those nails are fabulous girl!!
xo TJ

Monica and Whitney said...

Love those nails!

Ask the Duplex

Liz @ said...

i love those nails! you are so talented!!! also, the mohawk is pretty sweet, too. :) he's a doll!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

You look adorable! LOVE the shoes :)