Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WPW Wednesday Muppet Edition

Holler! It's Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday!

So this week, my SIL got some of the new OPI Muppets Collection and we had a party and tried them all out. My favorite of the set: The Rainbow Connection. Remember {this}? Or are you too young to remember?

I put a layer of silver underneath to make it look super glam. Love it!

For the wardrobe, I got home from church and all of a sudden I was frozen! So I bundled up with a few layers:

Jacket: AGACI Blouse: Gifted f21 Jeans: Charlotte Russe UGGs: Nordstrom Rack

I had to bust out my camo UGGs. Can you believe I got them for only $80? You'll go crazy when you hear how much I got my regular UGGs for... I'll post them in my next WPW Wed.

My grandmother's ring matched my mood perfectly.

Unfortunately my hands were too swollen for me to fit my wedding ring on. Do you ever get that problem? I do every once in a while. So I put on my aquamarine ring that my parents got me when I graduated from HS forever ago (forever). And the fancy hood of course!

Mr. Harrison wore my favorite outfit on him:

Romper: Thrifted Baby Gap

And he found his tongue for this picture :) I was so happy that I found it for so cheap because I had seen it online and I really wanted it!

Don't forget to enter my {giveaway}. I've been adding bling and it's super popular.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

those sparkly nails are just so fabulous!!!!!! swooning!
xo TJ

Erin said...

LOVE your fun nails! So cute! Your little stud is just too adorable to handle! :) Love his outfit!

Belle said...

Wow I love the nails and the whloe outfit I have to get my hands on the Muppets collection, I've had my eye on them for a while now. I love your blog it's inventive, unique and gorgeus!! I'm following you right away because I want to read all your future posts. It would be great if you could follow me back, I'm a new fashiony blogger and I think we have lots in common. Follow me @
But only if you have time :)
Keep up the hardwork!!!

Belle xxx

Rolled Up Pretty said...

LOOOOOOOOVE those nails, and that is my FAVORITE outfit on him too! hello! ;)

Janette said...

Love that picture of you where it's kind of zoomed in on your face! Such a beauty!!!!! And I saw that nail polish at Target, but didn't buy it.. Majorly regretting that now!

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Just wanted to say I tootally appreciate your comments on my blog! You don't even know! Thanks for reading! Sorry I've been absent from your neck of the blogsphere lately..