Monday, November 21, 2011

Giveaway and New Shop!

Busy today- It's going to be a great day {especially because last week was not so great} so I'm focusing all of my positive energy and MAKING it a great day myself. (Do any of you do that?)

So I'm going to just remind you all that I'm doing a {Giveaway} for a rosette wristlet! Please go on over to my previous post {Here} and sign yourself up for one!

Happy Monday!


Robin said...

I definitely do that. Sometimes when I have to do something I don't want to do, I pick and extra cute outfit and for some reason that means it is going to make it a better day!

Sara Shoemaker said...

I know I already commented on your giveaway post but I just wanted to reply to your comment on my blog here :) I really did want to see you guys in AZ!! But every single day filled up with family visits and what not sooo fast, I never had a second to breath really. Fun, but Crazy trip. plus I was in my friend's wedding which was a tad stressful but so fun. Next time Will and I come down Together, we'll definitely come see you!!

Summer-Raye said...


Id love for you to check out my blogging secret santa and participate.

Cant wait,

Janette said...

Awesome items in your shop girl! You are one talented bonnie lass!

Janette, the Jongleur

Melu103 said...

hi gorgeous!
congrats on opening your store
i just found your blog
on For Love of a Cupcake =)

really cute stuff on Etsy!

by the way my friend Summer and I
are hosting a Secret Santa
Blogger Style! I would love
for you to be a part of it!

stop by my blog and join us!

If you can please help us
spread the word i would really
appreciate it !!


when BABI speaks said...

congrats on your new store! fabulous finds my dear! keep it up!