Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WPW Wednesday Night- Running style

Hello there. Sorry for the late post but it's been a little crazy over here with Mr. Harrison getting his shots {plus two extra pokes and 2 vials of blood taken for testing}. He is a grumpy little man!

It's Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday! Holler!

So I'm listening to Christmas music and decided to do something festive:

Super easy and super fun! And Christmasy! And yes Christmasy is a word :)

As for the wardrobe, I wore a lot of cute outfits this week that I never took pictures of. Do you ever do that? Because I do it ALL. THE. TIME. So, the wardrobe for this week consists of my running gear:

Shoes: Asics from Dick's Sporting Goods Pants: Nike from Dick's Shirt: Borrowed from hubby Hair: Fabulous

I've finally started running again and I'm pretty excited. There is a half marathon coming up in January that I'm planning on doing. I forgot how much I love running. Do you love running? Because I LOVE IT! So now I'm all geared up :)

Mr. Harrison is also wearing his running gear {aka jogging stroller riding gear}:

Jammies: Carter's from Costco Hat: Thrifted

Tonight was our first attempt at using the jogging stroller (since most of the time Mr. Harrison is already in bed) and it went pretty well.

Anyways I feel great. Running/Working out does that to me. Only I forget that and put it off until I finally do it and then remember again. Do you do that?

Hope your week is wonderful.


Erin said...

love your nails! perfect for the holidays coming up!

Summer-Raye said...

What did you do to get the glitter like that?

Good luck preparing for your half marathon. I'm going to start running- working on the couch to 5k. ;)

I'm not the best runner.

just tututiny said...

Love your exercise outfit! My hubby just bought me a new pair of sneakers cause he wants me to starting running with him...argh...not looking forward to that! I love those sparkly nails ;)

YAY to going to see breaking dawn!

Liz @ said...

i really like those nails! i like how the glitter on the ends is tasteful and festive! looks great!

thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway. good luck!!!

Liz @ said...

okay, i'm commenting again...

does your jogging stroller ever jiggle really bad? i have a nice jogging stroller and it jiggles whenever i go too fast.

clarisa said...

cute, bekah. have fun in the 1/2 marathon. is it london's run?

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

those nails are perfect for the holiday season. once i get back home and have full access to my nails i'll have to do this. adore!
xo TJ

Davidovicz said...

I really love that way of decorating nails. And it's easy, indeed.

Mo Davidovicz

lauryn said...

yaay for running gear! i wish i wore my running outfits...sadly enough.. i don't run.
can't wait for you to do your polish post over at love notes. i die every time i see your cute nails.
{love} lauryn

lifeisamaze said...

Great nails !!!

The Dixons said...

Catching up, and love the hat on Harrison.

And for the record, I like running. Running just doesn't like ME.

oomph. said...

i like the nails...i did the same combo last christmas. jogging stollers are heaven! i used to run with my daughter in those umbrella strollers (because they were small!). finally got a jogging one for my son. total cadillac!

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