Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blonde moment and a guest post.

Yes I'm a natural blonde. And I'm smart so none of that dumb blonde crap applies to me...Except for when I have these {momentary} lapses of memory, judgement, or whatever you will call it. And I kindof had one of those yesterday at the gas station.

I got my gas all situated and then took Mr. Harrison inside with me to get a soda {mmm diet coke!}. We came out, I put my purse and soda in the car, buckled Mr. H up, buckled myself in, and then left... or TRIED to leave...
with the gas pump still in my truck.

Yep. I did that.

LUCKILY the pump didn't break off, it just came out and fell on the ground and thankfully didn't spew gas everywhere. I got out and pretended that I thought it was funny and put it away whilst sneaking glances around me to see how many people witnessed my blonde moment. I think maybe ONE guy saw it but I can't be sure if he just thought that I was crazy for laughing at myself or if he really saw it all go down.


Do you have dumb blonde moments? And you're probably not even blonde?

Check it out! I'm guest posting over {Here} at love notes by lauryn!


Amanda said...

Omg girl! At least nothing was ruined! And not Manu people saw. I would be so embarrassed haha! We all have moments like that!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Actually I would call it a Mommy Moment. Once you have kids, the brain is never the same. Ha!
You asked about the boutique. It's the Front Porch/Orange Patch. S/E corner of Val Vista and McKellips. Just a little east of Val Vista.
Good luck with your Shop. I've sure enjoyed running mine. : )

Xuan said...

Haha, this is funny. We all have moments like these so don't sweat it.

Robin said...

haha oh my, it happens to everyone! :] Atleast you played it cool! No biggie!


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

umm, i have too many dumb blonde moments that i can not even express them all on here. i think my worst trait is that i am just WAY to gullible, ha
xo TJ

Miranda said...

oh my! at least it wasn't worse and not too many saw :) you can laugh about it later hopefully :)
new follower www.diesunddas33.blogspot.com

Erin said...

Ha ha we all have them! Sometimes I just SAY the dumbest stuff..it's like my brain literally just stops working for a bit!!

Summer-Raye said...

We can all have our moments. haha