Monday, June 1, 2009

San Diego

Well, the bad news was that it was rainy and cold the entire time so our plans {aka beach day, the zoo, sea world} were all canceled for this trip and will have to happen some other time.... :/ I was really bummed at first....but the good news is that we still were able to enjoy a weekend away, on a boat, in a different state where it wasn't hott for once and relax!

I took a lot of pictures so here is a huge amount of photos for you to see:

crazy parasailer:

us on the boat:

Kendall stealing money from a fountain... :)

soldier cemetary:

View from the boat:

Random bull art:

Kendall and his new friend:

Kendall on the boat:

Some duck friends that hung around the whole weekend:

View from in the boat:

There's more but I figure this is good for blogging purposes. It was still a fun trip, and the good thing is, I can still get a tan here....just not with a nice beach :)


J&&K said...

love the new layout and so glad you had fun! you were definitely missed! Yay for one year!!

J&&K said...

okay obviously i am not good at noticing my surroundings;]