Thursday, June 11, 2009

Newest Family Member


Let me tell you, the past two days have been {crazy}! A friend that i've known since Junior High posted on facebook about her mother giving away a free kitten on Tuesday. Coincidentally, Kendall had told me a few days before that if I found a kitten or cat for free, I could get it. So, I texted her, she texted back, and we came up with a time and place to meet and for me to take the kitten away with me!

Silly me, I got so excited and spent Wednesday morning looking up cat names and making a list of things to get at petsmart afterwards. Everything was going well, and I had my shoes on and keys in my hand to go get the kitten when I get a phone call from my friend, telling me that her family waited until {this moment} to tell her they decided on keeping the kitten.

I was so wrapped up and invested in this kitten that this refusal took a big hit on my emotional high and put me in tears. Maybe it was because the only pet i've ever actually called my own was a beta fish when I was 12. Maybe it was because my brother's cat used to be my buddy and i've missed his companionship. Either way, it was a very sad afternoon.

And let me say that I have the best husband ever. When I told him that it was a no go on the kitten, he texted me "what the crap, now I want a cat!".
He didn't text me back for a half an hour and eventually sent me a name and a number of some lady he found on craigslist that had free kittens out in queen creek!

We called, went to her house and came back with our new Tabby/Calico mix : Spartacus!

He spent the night pouncing on my head and eating my hair so he's NOT allowed to sleep in our room with us for a while, but other than that, he's had a great time pouncing around the house and taking naps on the sofa.

So, I still got my kitten...and i'm actually glad that the other kitten didn't work out because the other kitten was found and had its whiskers shaved off and who knows what else...poor thing!


greatgoogamooga said...

aww! Spartacus is awesome! What a cutie! :)

Jason and Keri said...

I love the name!! SO CUTE!! Margarita did the whole head thing at night too, what the heck is that all about!?!?!

J&&K said...

oh im jealous!!! Kyle hates cats and I love them. Okay I need to come over and play with him all the time.