Saturday, June 27, 2009



Here are pictures of all of the projects that we did last Saturday.

Here is the dresser before:

And here is the dresser after, matching the rest of our bedroom furniture:

Here is my chandelier with new glass {I love the crackles that it shows in the light!}:

And here is the mirror that I got at Hobby Lobby to go above the piano...It had a big dent in the side so it was on sale. All I had to do is hammer the dent out. Duh. I felt like there would have been at least a few people at Hobby Lobby {the store of craftiness deluxe after all} that would have discovered this easy fix and bought it before me....but I was really lucky in this find:

The best part about this mirror:

This past week I have been working out and hanging out with my friend Jennie Karges. She is part of the Vaterlaus family that my family has known for at least 30 years in Tucson and now, up here in Chandler/Mesa/Gilbert. I've known her for a while but this is the first time her and I have really hung out.

Jennie is trying out her hand at {photography}! She is getting more experience by having a lot of free photoshoots with her friends and she let me come along with her on one {with my cousin as the model}! It was fun and her and I helped to give eachother pose ideas and camera angles. She had a really nice camera she was trying out and she had a lot of great pictures and angles that helped me see a different perspective.

I just took along my little point and shoot cannon and edited a lot of these on picnik but I still think they turned out nicely. Here are the photos that I took on Thursday:

This one was outside of Milano's:

Jennie was able to find a lot of cool backgrounds with texture. She is a lot more motivated than I am! haha. I just got the benefits of taking pictures too:

The Mesa Art Center:

Blue wall:

Abandoned House:

She did a great job and wasn't afraid to get a little dirty...

We had fun!

Kevin had fun too. He wanted to see if he could make this jump across the canal. {he made it twice!} crazy legs.

I am more motivated to actually consider photography. Jennie is taking a class in the fall and I will probably join her. YAY!


Sarah said...

Wow! Your dresser looks AMAZING! I like the mirror too. That wall needed that! You are so talented, but that's no surprise.

J&&K said...

we are awesome aren't we??

Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

what class?? i want to take a class but can't find one anywhere??

Anonymous said...

Yay I have a new follower. I promise to have new pictures that I actually take soon. :) I just need a camera. first pointer of beng a photographer, lol have a camera. :) I like your blog. What class are you going to be taking? I will be joining an online class for $100. if your interested I will pass along the website.

BTW I love the mirror and the dresser!

Anonymous said...

I thought about doing the Community College thing too but here in Colorado its like $300 for one class... forget that! Here is the online one that I am thinking about doing... The $100 enrollment fee is only through July then it goes up I think to $140.

The other one I found today is free, I dont know how detailed they are but its through HP website. Check them out.

Glad you liked out pictures. Mary is the one that inspired me to take an interest in photography. she is fabulous. :)