Monday, June 8, 2009


Lots of pictures this weekend.
It was my niece's baby blessing so my sister and I got her all dolled up a few days before and took a bunch of beautiful pictures so that we could put them around the house for Sunday.

I'm still learning and I'm starting to realize what is and what isn't adequate lighting.
I really wish that I could take a {photography} class at ASU but they are always completely full every time I try and grab one.
I want to be a better photographer and actually learn.
Right now I am just one of the millions of people who know how to photoshop and therefore call themselves a photographer and an artistic genius...but I only call myself that at home ;)
My father in law is a photographer but he only does small side projects and weddings in his spare time. His full time job is a lot of work so I don't want to bother him about it in his spare time to day I will find the courage.
It was also my niece Claire's birthday so I took a few pictures of her outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather.


J&&K said...

You teach me some things you know about photoshop and I'll tell you some tips I've learned about photography:] They have a good class at MCC that my friend Mary took... I know your scholarship wouldn't pay for it but if you want to learn... It's worth spending the $$

Elizabeth Larson said...

Great pics Bekah! You seriously did an awesome job, as usual. Loved them all. And seriously, Claire is so grown up. Missing you...

Libby said...

We should totally get together and talk photography. I have been been getting into it and learning stuff over the past year. I'm actually going to a photography workshop next weekend put on by some local professional photographers.

Let me know if you're interested. I think you have a great eye for cool shots : )