Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday

Yay. It's Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday!

I did these for my niece this week. She had seen my earlier version and wanted them done for herself.

I did these snowflakes for my SIL. Super cute!

My wardrobe is from a purse party that my niece and I got to help out with for {TomKat Studio} It was so fun!

Shirt: Ross Cardi: Shade Skirt: DownEastBasics Belt and Necklace: ?? Hair flowers: Whippy Cake

Isn't my niece super cute? We are only 4 years apart so it throws people off when they find out I'm "Aunt Bekah". My hubby and are both the baby of our families with about 15-16 years between us and our oldest siblings so there are some age gaps there.

I couldn't get a photo of Mr. Harrison's outfit this week. I always forget and then by the time I go to take it, he has food and cheerios stuck all over himself. Ah well. Nothing is cuter than cheerios stuck to a baby bum!

Mr. Harrison finally started army crawling and holy smokes he is a happy baby! I have to say, it may seem on here that I get to hang out and cuddle/snuggle with him all day but really, it's just wishful thinking. He never snuggles and up until about a month ago cries and wants to be held for most of the day. He has been a colicky baby and I think a big part of it was his inability to get to where he wanted to go. Now that he can crawl (with one leg haha) he is so much happier and doesn't cry nearly as much! YAY!

Anyone else have colicky babies? or any good tips? Hope your week is awesome! CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!


Erin said...

You are so freaking cute. Come do my nails?! :)

Kate Strohm said...

Those nails are so cute! I'll have to try it. I need to make my hands steadier though! I shake too much. haha


jessica said...

That is a pretty neat story about the age differences in your family! I'm sure people really are surprised to find out you're the aunt! That is really neat though. And special!

Bad Joan said...

Love the festive nails!


Breanna said...

Found your blog through FTL of cupcakes :)

I love the holiday nails! too cute!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, this is hilarious! i actually have a niece who is one year older than me, and THAT definitely throws people off too. we just call each other cousins instead. hilarious!
xo TJ

Janette said...

SOOO DARLING YOU GUYS ARE! Love that animal print!

Janette, the Jongleur

Kristina Clemens said...

Love the cupcake nail! So cute! Very, very, merry Christmas! =)
Kristina J.