Monday, December 12, 2011

Opposite Day

I didn't get a lot done today.

I didn't run errands so much that my baby Harrison got an hour and a half nap in the car while I ran in and out (of my mom's and mother in law's houses).

I am not taking up all of my free time reading {tiger's voyage} instead of catching up on my blogging.

I am not getting my Christmas tree tonight.

I don't love Mondays.

By the way, it's opposite day.

Anything opposite for you today? Tell me all about it.


Robin said...

You are not a very busy lady! Cute post :] I did no take a final and have a meeting with the lady I am interning with in January. Nope.

The Egg said...

the title of your blog is perfect! loves

xoxo the egg out west.

Summer-Raye said...

Hope your tuesday is better!

Kelly Mann said...

I did not have a terrible Monday...

I did not lose close to 10 pounds from being sick on Monday...

but unfortunately, I'm not thankful for everything else in my life!

:) Cute post! (that was not an opposite)

clarisa said...

uuuuuuhhhh, i can't even think of how to play this game anymore. how's this: the house is immaculately clean and i am bouncing with energy!