Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Sickmas

Hey there. Sorry I've been absent in the blogging world. This Christmas was amazing and difficult all at the same time. We've had:

Friday-Mr. Harrison has a fever
Saturday-Mr. Harrison still has a fever, and cuts his first tooth
Saturday/Sunday-Me puking/getting the flu
Monday-Mr. Harrison gets Roseola

Whew! Hopefully this is the end of our sickness troubles. I need to get out and enjoy some of my gift cards!

I want you all to tell me about your Christmas Weekend! So I'm copying {Gentri Lee} and asking:
1. Tell me your favorite Christmas moment.
2. Tell me your favorite gift that you got.
3. Tell me your favorite gift that you gave.

Mine are
1. Favorite moment is snuggling and spending time with my husband. He's been gone working a lot and we have barely seen each other so it was really nice to relax with him :)
2. Favorite gift is my fossil watch and my gift card to spend on my craft room {to come!} YAY.
3. Favorite gift given is the bosch mixer that my whole family went in on for my mom to replace her 30+ year old one. She cried when she opened it she was so happy! It was the best ever and she deserves the best!

Now tell me yours! :)


Erin said...

Aw poor guy :( That's a rough few days. Hope he is feeling better now!

1. Playing games with my family Christmas day
2. My new big girl camera!
3. A "Our First CHristmas" ornament for my brother and his SIL


Kelly Mann said...

So sorry you had the flu and that Harrison was so sick!!! :/ hope everyone is feeling better!!

1. Getting to sit around and visit with family in our PJs until the late afternoon.
2. My new BOOTS!!
3. Paying for the family photo shoot we did in california for my parents!

Kendra said...

oh no! a sick baby is the WORST! hope he gets better soon!

Summer-Raye said...

Awe Im sorry fella. :( Feel better quickly

Jess said...

Poor baby! I hope he is all better now!