Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WPW Wednesday

Holler. It's Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday! Try saying that five times fast...never mind.
So my sister and her girls came over today and we decided it was time to bust out the Halloween nails. I did these for my niece Claire. And don't mind the silver that I got on her finger... I didn't notice it until after I took these close up pictures.

As for the wardrobe; Yes I'm THAT girl. The girl who you see walking around in boots and you think to yourself "Isn't she hot?" but not THAT kind of hot. More like a "I'm wearing shorts and flip flops and this girl is wearing pants and boots. Isn't she HOT?"

But I can't help myself. It was nice on friday so I had to take advantage and pretend that I wasn't a little warm by lunch. {I'm a blur in these photos...what happens when you don't ever remember to take them until you're about to run out the door}

Shirt: XXI Skinny Jeans:Target Boots: Cathy Jean on Black Friday of last year :)

These boots are amazing. They can be pulled up so that they are mid-calf or they can scrunch down for a different look. They were pretty cheap but they've held up through my last pregnancy and Winter.

And here is the Trendy Mr. Harrison enjoying the new grass in the backyard:

I'm so glad that it was cold enough on Thursday/Friday for him to wear a few of his new winter outfits!



Syrah said...

I like the Boo one and the skull one the best :)

And the trendy Mr. Harrison is SO CUTEEE!!!!

Sabrina said...

Love the last pic! so sweeeeet!

Sara Shoemaker said...

wow the detail on those nails is Awesome. you have a real talent! And oh my Goodness he is one adorable baby. He needs to be on a baby Gap commercial.

erica marie said...

You've got such a cutie there!! OMG I've been that hot girl before...lol :) Love the nails you did on your niece. I may just have to do a few spiderwebs on myself.

xo erica

Summer-Raye said...


Check out my blog and follow-let me know Ill follow back!


clarisa said...

thst's the hot girl i remember from your high school times. welcome back! and since i am wonderfully chilled right now, you only look "hot" in the fashion way!

Kelly Mann said...

Hi new friend! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!! You can read about it on my post!


Have a fabulous day!

Laurel!!! said...

I would personally argue with Clarisa that you are both kinds of the hot girl. Additionally, I am highly amused that you said you LAST pregnancy, as if you've had more than one! Silly lady. Can we go out for food when I come home? Please? Ok.

Claire Vázquez said...

Hello dear, I love your blog! I'll see a lot for your blog!
I invite you to walk through the mine and to follow me if you like!

a kiss, Claire.

Bad Joan said...

Mr. Harrison is too cute! Love his mohawk!


Rolled Up Pretty said...

LOVE your outfit Bekah. I am always THAT girl too! Ha ha. LOVE me some warm sweaters and boots, even in July. And is that your little boy? He is SCRUMPTIOUS! OH MY! What a cutie! I'm your newest follower as well! Have a GREAT day!

Farnsworths Forever said...

Oh, Bekah, what a little cutie your Harrison is!

Amanda said...

Love your nails! Too cute!

Ayley said...

the nails you do are always stellar!!!