Thursday, October 27, 2011

My trip... and no WPW

Hey there friends.

I'm home from my trip to Utah to see my sister and help her family while her youngest is in the NICU. It was a great trip although we were hoping that she would still be on bed rest by this point. I really miss their family and always love spending time with them!

I was pretty nervous because Mr Harrison had his first flight on this trip. I mean, I had nightmares about this for weeks before the trip. Ironically, after a 3 HOUR delay {
yeah that sucked} he slept the whole way there... and cried the whole way back! haha oh well.

Here he is soaking up the beautiful 70 degree weather.

He's got his stunnah shades on. He left these on for like half an hour! He really likes to be trendy.

Here are my sister's boys at the park- probably the only place where they can actually get all of their limitless energy out! Kyler, Brayden, and Keaton.

Mr. Harrison of course had to have his photo op at the park as well :)

Shirt: Thrifted Sunglasses (above) and Pants (not pictured): Children's Place

I only have one picture of my sister and I. We were so busy with her kids and trips back and forth from the hospital that we didn't really stop to think about it. I'll have to show you that one later because she asked me to hold off on any NICU pictures for a little bit.

I do however, have a few {blurry} outfits from before my trip to show you...

Outfit 1- Top & Neckace: F21 Cardi: Wet Seal Skirt: Target Belt: Agaci Shoes: Payless
Outfit 2- Undershirt: DownEast Shirt: borrowed from my sister Jeans and shoes: Target

And sorry guys no Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday for this week {at least the wet polish part}. I'm fighting off a cold along with my little guy being sick too. Did you know that sick days are not nearly as fun when you have to take care of sick babykins too? I do! Anyone have any remedies?

And then of course there's my secret project... did you forget? I will be posting about it tomorrow!! So excited. What do you think it is? We have some close guesses so far.


Sara Shoemaker said...

I hope your sister is doing well! these kids are all gorgeous and adorable. thank heavens for parks right, it's a great energy outlet for kids. Hey do you remember Brittany from my bachelorette party? Well I'm coming down for her wedding in a couple weeks and I really want to meet Harrison!!! you should come to her reception or something so I can see you!

Kelly Mann said...

Precious kids! My guess is some sort of curtain or something? OH I don't know, but can't wait to see!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

can't wait to hear about this secret project of yours. all of these images are just so beautiful. beautiful children. and harrison is rockin' those sunglasses! what a little model!
xo TJ

A Lost Feather said...

oh my gosh he is the cutest little man!

and i'm with him- i don't care for plane rides either haha

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Love little Harrison, he is so cute! I'm glad at least he slept the way there. And DANG, after a THREE hour delay? That's lucky! Hope the way back wasn't too stressful. You look amazing as always! CUTE STYLE YOU HAVE! Thanks for linking up to my blog cute girl, hope you can link up again next week! :)

Erin said...

Harrison is so darn cute! :) Looks like you had a great time :)

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