Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WPW and candy corns!

Who has two thumbs and doesn't know the order of the candy corn colors? This lady!

I went to do candy corn nails this last week and felt all proud of myself at how I was getting into the Halloween spirit. Then I saw some other candy corn nails online and realized that I didn't do the stripes in the right order... Who really cares about that anyways? When I see a candy corn, I just eat it. I don't really sit and ponder the order of colors.

Anyways, I'm changing Wet Polish Wednesday to Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday.

Yay. I'm finally brave enough to try and wear normal and not maternity clothes. Haha. So here is the wardrobe for today:

I'm into the high waisted skirt and belt thing right now.
Shirt: XXI Skirt: Thrifted in high school!
Belt: Agaci Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Yay for my brown belt that I try to wear with everything! I bought it at Agaci and it has really paid off. It fits tightly but it doesn't make me uncomfortable or out of breath.

And we have to include the wardrobe of my little guy of course. Here is Harrison wearing one of his dressier outfits that he usually wears to church:

Shirt and Pants: Children's Place Sweater: Gifted Hair Product: American Crew Men's Pomade

Oh Hello there tongue! I found you a week ago and now I can't stop showing you off!

So what do you think? Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesday? Or get rid of it all and just blog normally?


clarisa said...

i love whatever you post, your personality always shines through! but don't forget to add somethings on your halloween decos for your house, too! you're so beautiful and stylish!

Libby said...

Love it. Keep it. : )

Laurel!!! said...

I concur with Libby

Deidre said...

Harrison is rocking that cardigan, and you look fab! Love that skirt/shirt combo!

shooting star said...

harrison's luking so cute with the tongue out!!!

and i really like your soft colors of the outfit!!!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh my goodness, harrison is probably the cutest thing i have ever seen!
xo TJ

erica marie said...

Aw what a cutie!! I love including your wardrobe into your normal post. I too happen to love high waist skirts & belts. Cute blog, following. Hope you can stop by soon :)

xo erica

Sarah said...

You are looking pretty stylin'. I think you have to continue to inspire those of us who tend to wear t-shirts and jeans every day.