Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Red

My Grandmother passed away this past Friday morning. It was a long time coming and she was very sick so it was a relief to know that she is no longer suffering or in pain.

I am so grateful that I was able to visit with her for the entire day on Tuesday. She even sat up, held the baby, and joked with me about being a mother. My last memories of her were of her smiling face and the love she had for me and Harrison.

Things I loved about her:

How she always made us tons of bacon and eggs when we would go to visit her in Prescott
How she always needed chocolate or some kind of candy bar
How every time we talked, she would surprise me with some crazy story about her teenage years
Her red hair (white in the past few years but red for a long time)
Her love of jewelery
Her clip-on earrings
How she always spoiled her dogs
How she would always take me to see a "show" at the movies

and many more...

Here we are at my Graduation from ASU:

This was her house back in Prescott. I miss that beautiful house:

Us at my wedding:

Her holding Harrison:

She was surrounded by family, just how she wanted to be. I'll miss you, Big Red!


Los Shepherds said...

that's just the way I felt with my granddad in january! I bet theyre hanging out together right now!! the plan of salvation is the BEST

Sara Shoemaker said...

I can totally relate. It comes to a point where you just want them to be out of their pain and in peace-that's how it was for my grandma. I'm glad you have a positive outlook on it :)

and in reply to your comment on my blog- that's the only reason I would dread moving back to AZ is I can't wear all my LAYERS! I love that I can layer up here and wear more of my clothes..Anyway we miss you too and hope all is going well with little Harrison!