Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I ran 10 miles on Friday.


I'm training for a half marathon {London's Run} along with my niece, both of my sisters, my brother, my brother-in-law and possibly my sister-in-law. It's awesome to be doing such a big thing with so many members of my family. It's going to be amazing.

Now it's like no big deal that we ran 6 miles tonight when a few weeks ago, 6 was a hard run for me. It's such a great feeling.

And not only the running part but I have been trying to make better health choices along with is because they all go together and it's been great. I haven't had any soda in 3 going on 4 days {which if you know me, is a lot} and I've been drinking more water and gatorade/powerade. Also, not eating foods that I know make my stomach hurt and trying to be healthy.

It feels good. Literally.


the time gailey home said...

so cool. and soon 10 miles will be, "ah, whatever" to you, too! and you'll be totally fit, as a small bonus... ;)

Afton said...

That's awesome Bekah! You and Alyssa should come up to Portland this summer and run the 8K midsummer meltdown with me...it's my first run I'm going for after Addie is born. It's a nice summer run!

Elizabeth Larson said...

You totally ROCK squirt! (from Nemo). Anyhow, you are so awesome. I can't believe it took you and me so long to get into running when clearly it suits us well!! I can't wait to see you and run with you in 2 weeks! Keep up the no soda girl! You can DO IT! Love you!

Reflections of Heart said...

Go Girl! Keep it up! You are so AWESOME! That is an amazing accomplishment to be proud of!