Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi there

There is a lot to say. I have neglected my blogging but I will do my best.

I spent lots of time on a Christmas Book that my sister in law Camille thought of making. After like three 6-hour sessions we finally figured it all out and put the final touches on them.

They have the scriptures from Luke and Matthew containing the Christmas story. It was really neat to read them on Christmas morning.

It has about 12 pages I think. These are just a few of them.

The front and back of the book was canvas. It was so fun to make this book!

My wonderful hubby knew exactly what I wanted this year! He got me a sewing machine and an itouch! I am so lucky to have him!

Here is our Grinch-esque Christmas tree. Very crooked but also very tall and beautiful. We had to buy a new stand to fit it and even then, when we got it home, it still didn't fit all of the way.

Here is El Guapo with his gifties from me. A new tool box and an xbox.
Note: {he played the xbox for 6 hours straight}

Here I am with the new headband that I made :)

My truck is very very dirty. Every time I try and wash it, it rains like ten minutes before I leave to go get it detailed. I kid you not, EVERY TIME. I just thought I would show you how dirty it is.

And finally, the source of all of my business. We got ourselves a New Years gift.
Meet Sadie:

She is a pure-bred, 3 year old Boxer. She drools a lot, snores the loudest, and has to sleep in our room, lest we leave her to get batted at by Spartacus. She's such a sweetheart!

More posting to come.


Anonymous said...

Sadie is great! I love boxers I have one as well. She is six - dont let anyone fool you they do not calm down at 3. I am still waiting for Bailey to calm down. :) she is so hyper. ENjoy her, boxers are the best!

J&&K said...

About freaking time you posted! Haha we should take our pups to the dogpark together an make them best friends just like our future children will be:)

Marry said...

So glad you left a comment. I've seen some of your pictures on Jennie's photo blog. That head band is darling... and I love my sewing maching. You are so cute...

The Whispering Creek House said...

Love the Christmas book! so creative and really captures the meaning of Christmas! Well done!

Sarah said...

Ok your tree is hilarious! You weren't kidding when you said it was crooked :)
Pretty picture of Sadie. Can we trade dogs?

The Dixons said...

Angie, you're close. I'm holding Sadie's papers in my hand (Kendall and Bekah got them from my BIL, who moved out of state and I have the papers here to hand over) and her birthday is May 1, 2004. So she's five.

I can't tell you how excited I am that you guys ended up with her! Sorry about the snoring.... ;)

The Dixons said...
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Jason and Keri said...

I LOVE the christmas book you made! I love scrapbooking and that is such a totally cool idea - i've never seen one before! Good luck with your sewing machine! I'm excited to use mine but have no idea where to start! We'll have to share tips!

Kendall said...

Okay how was our tree grinchy?