Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hair Resolutions...

Over the last 6 years or so my hair has changed from this:

To this:

and is now somewhere in the middle.

{This is my Hair Resolution for the year}
My current goal is to make it long again. Probably longer than it was before I cut it super short. I also want to get some highlights as well. and try and keep them from growing out too much.

It's so hard when you get bored with you hair while you're growing it out! Does anyone else have that problem? I would get it highlighted more often to prevent this but sometimes, when you're trying to save money, it's hard to justify getting your hair done when it really doesn't need 100+ spent on it right?

What do you do to keep your hair happy on a budget?


J&&K said...

Get your hair done at a beauty school. They're usually around 35 for highlights. Also maybe do ones that are closer to your hair color. Its way hard. My stylist said all over color is easier to maintain than highlights because not as much needs to be done.

the time gailey home said...

i'm still just trying to keep my hair happy, let alone figure out a budget for it. otherswise, straight and long and suzanne is what i am working for!

Sarah said...

Haha I just remembered that I dreamed last night that you chopped all your hair off again, and I was astonished at you, especially because of your resolution! Typical crazy Gailey woman dream.