Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkins and Wreaths.

In preparation for my mom's wedding, my sister Sarah and I took advantage of our coupons and went to Micheal's.

We bought a bunch of fall crafties to put together for centerpieces for the reception tables:

We made out pretty nicely and I think the pumpkins will look nice and festive.

Also, this weekend my friend Julia and I went for nice & easy shopping trip to Joanne's this weekend. Luckily, it was a Columbus Day sale for the weekend so there were a lot of sales.

I've been wanting to make myself a fall wreath for a while now, so I bought a few berries, flowers and trinkets to make up this simple grapevine wreath:

Here it is on my extremely tall door:

Close up:

I kept it simple. I really like the grapevine look and I just wanted a few embellishments here and there. The ones that were pre-made were just too busy, with too much fluff.
The best part: I had a gift card from my birthday, so I didn't spend a thing! I can also take it apart easily and re-make it to fit any holiday :)

I love having nice, relaxing and yet productive weekends.

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Elizabeth Larson said...

OH MY WORD!!!! I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEE the Pumpkin centerpieces. Boy, you and Sarah really did a fabulous job visioning the perfect centerpieces for the occasion. I am so impressed! Love them!