Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Honestly, I don't know why people put things on craigslist if they aren't willing to answer their phone, call people back, or even just answer their email.

I've been in dire need of 3 bar stools for my counter. I know that if I order them from Cortate, they will be exactly perfect and my exact style. I know that much. However, they will also be significantly more expensive and take several weeks to get here, etc. But mostly way more expensive.

Therefore, I have been watching craigslist like a hawk every day, hoping for the chance to find some close to perfect bar stools. The worst part is, I've found at least three to four different sets of bar stools that are just fine. And I have emailed and called and voicemailed and emailed and called and texted etc. These people just decide not to answer, or to leave up their ad even though the stools are sold, or to answer a few days later saying that they're sold (meaning that if they had called or emailed me back when I had emailed them, I would have gotten them).

It is very frustrating.

In the meantime, here is a before picture of my latest undertaking.

This is a chest/trunk that belonged to my great Grandma Lois, whom I got my middle name from. Every time my great Grandma would move, she'd pack up her clothes and such in this and take them with her. I am painting the outside, and re-lining the inside of this.

Pretty details. I wonder what the 4 stands for?

P.S. Yee-Haw for summer and swimming.


J&&K said...

Did you notice I was able to take the tractor from protruding out of his crotch?? Hahaha thank you cloning tool!!

Jason and Keri said...

I am so jealous of your trunk!!! You will have to post the finished pictures because I am totally waiting!