Sunday, August 16, 2009


Started a new "pill", left it home on accident for the San Diego trip, therefore had to double up for a few days straight. Now I am quickly gaining weight, super emotional, and having more than my share of that "once a month" visitor who has come to stay twice now.

Moved my mom- every day this week. Dropped a china cabinet on my face. ow.

Temporarily venting but going to do a real post about the happier aspects of the last few weeks after calming myself down and watching a little p&p the a&e version.

Be back later.


J&&K said...

breathe you will make it! I hope your week gets better

Elizabeth Larson said...

Bekah- Boy do I know how you feel! That visitor came to me and stayed 2 1/2 weeks! Then left for about 6 days and came BACK! All this while me and the kids all had strep. I am sooooooo sympathetic to you- I am sorry you are going through that. I am here for you sista! Love you!!

Sarah said...

P&P makes everything better. You were mom's hero this week. We were over to help with more things on sat and Jason is going over Mon night to help with more manly projects, and yet, we still will not have caught up with your super helpiness.