Sunday, August 3, 2008

   so much going on right now! the breaking dawn release party was a bit...teeny-bopper. too many hormones and sqeaking girls. I felt like i was an old married person. i guess i was, relatively speaking, but even so, my friend had a few friends there that were in college that seemed so immature to me. 
   i thought that maybe it was a "married thing" but i took a few minutes to think it over and realized that these were really just a group of college kids that happened to be immature. that made me feel better. like there is hope. haha.
   summer is almost over. :/ i have a lot of projects and plans that i wish i could finish but unfortunately, i have insufficient funding and time. but when is that not the case? there is always something that i wish i could do with more time and money. the day i run out of projects will be a sad day.

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