Monday, July 28, 2008


I almost forgot how...relaxing, vindicating, calming, etc. that blogging is. One of my sisters just started one and now I'm feeling the need to put my thoughts out there, rather than keep them in my head or put them in my notebook.

The only tricky thing about blogs is the fact that sometimes you would think people would be interested in reading them and they aren't. It's either that or the people that do read it are those of no consequence or creepsters. Hopefully this will be seen by those who appreciate it. Either way, I still view it as a creative outlet that keeps word vomit from clouding my brain.

I just got married at the end of May. That was fun. No really, even though it was a lot of stress and a lot of money to plan, my wedding day turned out exactly as I dreamed it would. It was beautiful.

School is starting soon and I think I finally have a handle on things. My major is now Family and Human Development. I only have two years left if I work hard and don't waste time on stupid classes. I haven't really had that problem much until last semester, when I was scrambling to find classes to keep my scholarship. That was annoying. I can't describe how much I hate the ASU school of music. What a waste of talent. They make the audition process the hardest part of the entire school so that they can maintain their top 20 rank in the nation, including schools as ritzy as Julliard. I spent the first two years of college trying to get into/get ready to re-audition to get into the school of music and I have never been more relieved in my life over my decision to play piano for fun and enjoyment rather than for work.

Ironically, I'm now feeling a desire to get back into piano lessons now that I don't have the threat of an audition hanging over every note. Maybe I'll save up and get a nice keyboard with weighted key, an amp, and a pedal, since I can't fit my piano upstairs in the apartment.


The Revie Family said...

Welcome to blogging world Beckah.

Elizabeth Larson said...

Bekah- I love it! Let's be blogging fools together!!