Monday, September 1, 2008

school etc.

school started this week. i'm taking 16 credit hours and i was excited at first to finally be able to get ALL of the classes i needed for the semester and not have to take a dance class or stupid elective like comp to fill up credits...however, i am a little nervous about the large load of classes this semester. oh well- i can do it i'll just be pretty busy and bogged down with homework, reading, quizzes, etc.

my wedding pictures are almost done! i'm excited to get them so that i can put them in a photo album and in all of the empty pictures frames we got at the wedding. 

kendall got a raise. yay! and i'm selling my car. so there's some extra cash to put away. we found a land cruiser online for only 850$ and we might get it if we can get a hold of the guy. 

that's it for now.

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Elizabeth Larson said...

Okay girly! You need to update your blog!!! Post new pics, give us a little bekah action on life ya know?!! Love you!