Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy baby

Does anyone else out there have a super busy baby? Because mine is driving me nuts! Haha

For example: He has learned how to unlock and open the dishwasher. So, I get up and lock it and tell him "uh-uh" and "we don't play with the dishwasher". While I'm doing this, he runs over to my laptop, which I left on the couch, and starts hitting all of the buttons. When I get him away from that, he goes over and uses the dog as a stepping stool to get onto the couch. When I get him down from that, he's back to the dishwasher.

And this is all in my BABYPROOF house. I can't even take him anywhere that isn't baby proofed without having to watch him every second.


Maybe it's my own fault for being busy too? He doesn't let me sit down from longer than 20 minutes. He'll play and be happy as long as I'm up and doing things but if I try to sit down, he comes and cries at me to get up and stop trying to be lazy! Haha. I guess I have always been very busy and now I'm paying for it! It's not such a big deal because it helps me get things done, but when I'm sick or need a break, it's really hard to relax!

Who knew such a cute face could wreak havoc on my house!



Liz said...

Ethan is just like that!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

HA HA, he is so cute you'd never know his precarious side! ha. I'm excited for these days, LOL! :)

Sara Shoemaker said...

oh my goodness that adorable FACE!!! He is to die for. Just think of chasing him around as your work out time! 24..hours a day...haha.

The House of Shoes

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh that face just screams "busy". so stinking adorable!! and I am in love with the photo of him stepping on the dog. my baby nephew was in town a few weeks ago and we let (made) him ride our 100 lb lab. we of course had to hold him up there the entire time, but it was a great picture!

Robin said...

Oooh goodness, it is a good thing that little one is SO cute!!!

Janette said...

OH my garsh! What a cutie! How could you say no to this precious boy!??? I would let him wreak havoc in my home any okay wait ..maybe not...hahaha!

Janette, the Jongleur

Sabrina Musco said...


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Miranda said...

Yes that is my son. he is 2 and its still the same! we call him 'the tornado'! I hate taking him places that aren't baby proofed because i never get to relax or sit down!