Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Biker Baby Nursery part whatever

I started on Mr. Harrison's nursery a lonnnng time ago. Before he was born. But... I never completely finished it. I got most of it done {here} but had a blank wall that needed something good. 
My SIL cut me some letters and I painted them and FINALLY hung them up! 

What do you think?

And since Mr. Harrison has decided to turn into a little busy beaver, I had to do something quick to cover his crib railing.

I'm sad that I didn't catch it in time to prevent all of the chew marks but at least there won't be any more! Just cut fleece to length, cut strips on the bottom and tie them together. Super easy and quick!

I love how it all turned out.

Do you like it?



Sarah said...

That is the cutest raining cover idea! My crib railing was chewed to death by the first child, and the rest had to suffer from her teething. Wish I had know about this! Glad to see you back blogging!

Kelly Mann said...

It looks great! Glad to have you back!! :) I'll def be keeping that fleece thing in mind!

wHiT said...


his little lady said...

aw, i love the letter hangings! so very adorable!!!!!
xo TJ

nila1920 said...

Lol..busy beaver! Man this creative!

Libby said...

Clever AND cute solution!