Monday, January 16, 2012

Mortified, to say the least

This was a story from a few years ago that I decided I had to share with you all. Hopefully your Monday isn't as mortifying :)

So I was able to snag a yoga/pilates class this semester and am now using it as my weekly dose of "zen". In order to completely immerse myself in my zen-ness, I went and bought some stretchy black leggings for 5$ at Target along with a new tank. I was all cute in my black leggings and new tank top and zen-d out for class.

I typically stand with my mat in the first row at the front of the class, with the remainder of the class in my row or in subsequent rows behind me (Which consequently magnifies my mortification into oblivion). So whilst stretching on my mat at the end of class I notice that my leggings are virtually see-through in the knees when i bend and stretch them. Not so bad, I think to myself. That's why these are my workout leggings and not ones that I wear all the time. So I get in the car and start that long drive home...

As I'm in the car I'm thinking, hm, these leggings are see through when stretched....and yoga does a lot of stretching all the way down to the ground.... hopefully they aren't too bad in the back......
Suddenly, I can't get home fast enough to be able to bend over in front of a mirror and check things out for myself.

Lo and behold, the stretchy pants are indeed see-through when stretched in the back.

4 things that made this whole situation worse:
1- I've worn them twice to class now, doubling the amount of flashing I have done.
2- As I said before, I stand in the front row, with everyone behind me.
3- With most stretchy things, like spandex, one typically does not wear chonies along with them.
4- In case anyone in my class failed to notice my scandal, today my instructor used me to demonstrate the proper way of holding a pose. I'm still unsure as to whether this pose was an offensive one all things considered, but it was still stretching a bit. And now, anyone who didn't get a look now had the opportunity.

There are only a few ideas that I am clinging to in order to make me feel better about my embarrassment...
Hopefully, everyone was as involved in their own breathing and stretching that they were unable to really take a look at my derriere. Also, I did find out NOW rather than at the end of the semester so considering I've only committed the offense twice, I'm pretty lucky.

Still horrified, I am now vowing to wear my sweatpants from this week onward, in an attempt to redeem myself. {cringe}


Erin said...

Aww...I hate when stuff like that happens! I wore a dress to skirt on Sunday and it was clinging to my butt from static electricity...I felt so awkward going up for communion!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

oh dear! I have had so many embarrassing things like this happen to me! Not to worry! You are not alone!


just tututiny said...

OH NO! I hate when stuff like this happens! Mines was not so discreet but I use to be in a dance show at my temple and we would dance with umbrellas. One time the end of the umbrella swooped down and brought my skirt up with it. Suffice to say that was my last time dancing with an umbrella! We all have these moments!

Sarah said...

Hahaha I totally remember this!